Three Benefits of Custom Vape Boxes

You can make custom vape boxes for your brand using paperboard. Custom vape boxes feature five-panel hangers and your brand logo. You can also customize these boxes by incorporating your company’s brand logo or using one of our templates. After you submit your invoice, we’ll start the custom packaging design process.

Made of Paperboard:

A custom vape box is an excellent way to market your brand and add a unique touch to your packaging. The paperboard material is eco-friendly and durable, and the boxes can be printed using a variety of techniques including digital printing and offset printing. PMYK inkjets produce vibrant colors and can even be designed using custom tones and pictures. These Custom Vape Boxes are available in various sizes and shapes.

When customizing your box, you can choose the material and features you want. Generally, these boxes are made of paperboard, but you can also choose PVC or aqueous coating for added visual impact. The latest machinery and printers are used for printing custom vape boxes. For extra security and durability, you can order paperboard boxes with a window cutout or patching. You can even request a custom vape box with a window that opens outward.

They have Five-Panel Hangers:

Five-panel hanger packaging boxes are ideal for any product that requires excellent display. These are easy to create and are used across industries, including the cosmetics industry. Because of their versatility and affordability, they are a popular choice for packaging. These boxes will catch the attention of customers and keep them interested. They are easy to handle, convenient, and economical.

The five-panel hanger is one of the most prominent aspects of five-panel boxes. It gives a better presentation and an engaging look. It is also a great way to package small products such as hands-free or mobile chargers. This is easy to find your product since the five-panel hanger tab makes it easy to see it. Custom vape boxes can also be made with die-cut windows and friction locks.


A custom-designed vape box has several advantages. It can be a good first impression for consumers and also help them identify your brand. You should also use complementary colors and a matte finish for the box. If you’re unsure what design to choose, you should consider using a brand logo. It may be too difficult to decide on the best design, so it’s important to stick with a design that evokes the desired emotion.

One of the most prominent advantages of custom vape boxes is their design. They offer a unique, professional look that will attract consumers. Moreover, they can be well-organized and contain useful information for customers. Custom vape boxes can also include a brand logo and make your business stand out. They can attract new customers and boost sales. A custom-designed vape box will be sure to do just that.


If you are in the market for custom vape boxes, there are several things that you should look for. Firstly, you must ensure that the material used for packaging your vape product is sturdy. Cardboard is a durable medium for printing. In addition, you should avoid boxes that are made from mixed-grade materials as they might not be up to industry standards. Secondly, you should make sure that the box you purchase is eco-friendly. This will help to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, it is important to choose a box that is durable. The vape packaging box you choose should provide protection from damage and will prevent the vape from spilling. Choose boxes that are made from sturdy material and have foam inserts to prevent any possible damage. In addition to protecting your vape, the packaging should provide some basic product information. If you’re looking to order custom vape boxes for international shipping, you should consider purchasing boxes that have an insert made of foam.


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to package your vape items, you can choose custom vape boxes. They can be a great choice for your packaging needs, as they are easy to customize and come in a variety of shapes. Custom vape boxes can also be created from recycled materials, making them a budget-friendly option. In addition, you can apply various printing techniques to them. In contrast, rigid packaging is more expensive than cardboard but provides better protection from external elements. It also allows you to add various add-ons to your packaging, giving your product a premium look. Choosing an industry-leading color model can also increase the perceived quality of your brand.

As a brand owner, you can also use custom vape boxes to help market your brand. You can focus on your marketing efforts and save money by ordering boxes in bulk from a wholesale distributor. Custom boxes are also available with a LOGO. They also come in many custom shapes and sizes. You can even make your own design, including the logo and the colors. You can choose the colors and designs to match your business’ theme.

Boost Sales Using Vape Boxes:

Custom vape boxes help brands advertise their products. They provide the necessary information and color schemes that promote brand identity. In addition, vape packaging helps companies distinguish their brand from others by presenting a novel logo and attractive design. Custom Printed Boxes enhance brand recognition and boost sales. Brands can incorporate this into their retail strategy and boost sales. The right design will catch the attention of potential clients and entice them to read more about the brand.

The most important thing to consider when designing vape packaging is the target audience. A unique identity is crucial for gaining more sales and profits. A custom-designed box is the best way to stand out from the crowd. The boxes should be eye-catching to draw potential customers. You can incorporate funky graphics, or even photos, to entice consumers. Custom vape packaging will also improve the brand’s branding and make it memorable to customers.

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