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5 Simple and Best SEO Tools to drive more traffic

Best SEO Tools

How would you track traffic, conversion, and all related things of your website when you don’t adopt the best SEO tools? Today, the leading marketing technique is Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO. So, it is indispensable for every business to strive for the under-rated tool of SEO that should not only be effective but also can be helpful for your future. So, let’s start with a proper definition of SEO tools-

Introduction to SEO Tools

The tool of SEO here means you can gauge the entire health of your website. Like if you want to know the recent traffic coming to your website, how many converted into leads, conversion rate, etc. The tool lets you see all this and you can make decisions after that.

For example: Your SEO team takes a huge time in keyword research tasks and data analysis operations. Sometimes they keep the priority work aside and keep on doing this all time. We know you need to spend extra time here but not when you have the Best SEO Tools to improve entire operations. Choosing the best tool for SEO enables you to do these tasks of keyword research and data analysis faster and better.

Want to know all those Mind-blowing tools of SEO?

We believe users should use the most critical tool to handle every single task of SEO Please check the complete list.


If your organization is looking for a Free keyword tracking tool then your team should make Ubersuggest a part of your business. The tool was launched by Neil Patel. You can take the help to identify the right keywords to get the right traffic for your website. Such tools are fine as they will provide hundreds plus suggestions related to keywords.

Are you planning to go for it? The report of this tool will share Keyword volume, CPC, Seasonal trends, etc. Leveraging Ubersuggest helps to handle organic SEO and Paid PPC.


Do you know the biggest competitor of the SEMRush tool? No idea? The name is Ahrefs. We have numerous reasons why this tool of SEO should be your priority. It is everyone’s favorite choice because it is advanced for SEO Analysis handling.

Do you find it complicated in analyzing the competitors? If yes then you must analyze competitors from this SEO Tool. Ahrefs provides the functionality of competitor analysis to improve your SEO strategies. Best of all, users can easily fix Broken links on their websites. If you find tracking the guest post links complicated then Ahrefs is a good option. The tool is advanced to monitor outbound links.


We believe tools like Majestic should be added to the best SEO Tools. A well-known marketing tool for you all that can have plenty of salient features to boost up your experience. Make use of the Site explorer feature here to see website backlinks and a complete overview of your business websites.

Majestic will solve your problem of choosing the right keyword to target. For your keyword research, this platform is exceptional. Try this tool to compare SEO analysis with your competitor and see where you are standing. A user must check the topic trust flow here. It lets you see the position of your website as compared with 500+ other websites. The tool Majestic here enables you to illustrate the topical relevance of a web page.


We have a list of top-class functionalities: PPC, backlink, ad campaign, etc. If these are crucial to do then we must choose the ultimate tool like SEMrush which turns every challenging task into a simpler one.

Research says people these days want to track the product listing of their competitors in the market. That’s a really good strategy to grow. A user can see the ads of product listings and product feeds with no hurdle here. This would be very interesting if you track the ad campaign budget of your competitor. SEMrush is an exceptional tool for you.


We got another incredible tool of SEO that can help in finding the lost backlink and can track the new one as well. Let us inform you that Sitechecker is a tremendous tool that gives you a great picture of your website. Like it is quite simple to track the keyword ranking, an On-page SEO audit is easy, and the goal of daily backline tracking can be done through this versatile tool. Sitechecker allows you to view the traffic of your competitor’s website so that you get some ideas of where your website is currently standing.

Bonus: If we get the content marketers here who are interested in adopting the tool of SEO then you can choose “Answer The Public”. The reason why we are saying this is because it let you know what people are asking from others. You can prepare your content according to that to catch their attention. All you need to do is just search any keyword and it will share the popular queries related to that. Work on that to perform better and be exceptional. We can say it is an excellent research tool for content marketers.


Hi, this is Vijay Kumar, a Senior SEO Executive. I am working in Outright System Pvt Ltd where we work for the CRM software and its services. I do the tasks like Email marketing, Content, marketing, PPC, Technical SEO, and so on. I have 3+ years of experience in this field and even I love to write well-articulated blogs related to the topics such as CRM, Mailchimp, Trello, Twilio, API, etc.

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