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Step By Step Guide For Writing an Argumentative Essay By Essay Writer

Essays are the most common type of assignment given to college students. But sometimes, it becomes difficult for students to understand the requirement as well as the type of essay they need to make. Thus, to solve this query of the students, we are going to discuss the argumentative essay and how one can write it without the help of the essay writer in this given article.

Understand the Meaning of an Argumentative Essay

A type of essay used to employ facts and logic to persuade other people’s points of view is called an argumentative essay. Many different essays are used to convince people’s minds, but these essays focus on facts and cite other studies and sources to back up their claims. A good essay writer always knows how to format a well-structured essay. So why not use their understanding in writing? It will assure you that whatever you are writing is best.

4 Steps to Outlining an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays should follow a clear structure and strive to present a reader-friendly point of view, argument, and proof. There is a specific framework for an excellent argumentative essay. Given below are the combination of ideas of many best essay writer in Australia, from which you can outline the mind-blowing argumentative essay.

Introductory paragraph

At the start of your essay, the first thing is to write the introduction. Try to write the introduction so that it will connect your professor or reader to the essay directly. It will help in grabbing their attention throughout their reading process. You can use the storyline too in the introduction part.

Write the thesis statement.

After the introduction, it’s time to write the thesis statement. It is used to express the primary topic of your assignment. In this, you can mention the summary of all your arguments and claims that you will discuss in the essay. Students often search, “Is there someone who can do my essay?” Well, they want help with the thesis statement. So, they may take expert assistance and can make their essay the best.

Add body paragraphs

Now comes the body paragraph section. Well, in an effective argumentative essay, there should be claims that support your thesis statement. There should be a new idea or claim in every body paragraph that clearly and concisely explains why the reader should agree with your argument. It will be easy for you if you back up your claims in the form of research and citations. Presenting facts and considering all sides of a topic will help you earn credibility and a reader’s trust.

End with a remarkable conclusion

According to the essay writer in Australia, the conclusion is important because it helps end the essay on a positive note. The conclusion paragraph should repeat your thesis and summarise all the arguments in your body paragraphs. It is advisable not to add any new information to it. Only write the summary of already written arguments.

Get the knowledge of Argument Claims.

Well, once you know that you have to write an argumentative essay, it is now time to know what types of arguments and claims are there. So, as per the essay writer experts, one can use these claims in their essays.

  • Fact: Facts depict whether the statements are true or false.
  • Definition: It means the meaning of the claim you are talking about in both senses (dictionary or argumentative)
  • Value: Stating the reason for doing argue on this particular topic only.
  • Cause and effect: In this, you need to explain what creates the problem in your essay and how it creates the effect.
  • Policy: Last but not least, it is the policy that should be added as an argument. It should state the questions like: Why should the reader care (means why there is a need to get more information on this topic), and what should they do about it after reading(how will it help them)?

3 common argument types

As per the experts who provide the service of essay writer in Australia, three main arguments can be used in your essay. They are:


This is the most popular strategy for presenting the arguments in the essays and is effective since it is used when the audience is no more knowledgeable.


This argument is excellent for separating the topics since it is meant to respect both views and presents the center-ground.


This style of argument is similarly useful for divisive topics. Still, instead of presenting both sides, it just offers one, relying on data provided to make the assertion difficult to refuse.

According to the essay writer, the secret to a successful argumentative essay is knowing how will you display your arguments and claims in front of others and how effectively you are persuading. Thus, with positive hope, this article to help your essay in the best ways.

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