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Tools That Can Help Track Google Search Results

Rankings matter in Google Search results. The first page procures over 70% of all clicks. How would you discover your search positioning on Google? With Google rank checker tools, you can make Google position checks quick, basic, and precise. Below are the top tools for checking your positioning ranking on search engines like Google!

1.     Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is an amazing tool. Created and overseen by Google, Google Search Console gives your business a large amount of data. Whether you are interested in a particular keyword to drive clicks or impressions or what substance types, like videos or texts, perform well, you can discover it in Google Search Console. While a concentrated manual process, particularly if you are tracking many keywords, Google Search Console offers a free method to discover your search ranking. Also, it gathers several bits of important information in one spot. For instance, you can see the clicks, impressions, and average position of a page. You can likewise compare a page’s performance with a past period, regardless of whether you take a glance at information from the previous 7, 28, or 90 days. Best of all, this information comes straightforwardly from Google, which gives you the most exact data. Stunningly better, this free Google Search Console offers important tips for improving rankings, and it is free to access.

2.     RankWatch:

RankWatch is a famous pocket-friendly rank checker tool that shows more than a search engine position. Alongside search engine ranking, it additionally shows search volume data and CPC for any keyword or expression. While checking the keyword rank, you can choose the search engine location. While evaluating, you can pick a plan dependent on the day by day rank updates or week by week rank updates, and for similar pricing, you can track more keywords in the week by week rank updates plan. The interface is easy to utilise. The tool likewise offers more features than a simple rank checker. Some of its features are keywords categorisation and advance filter, rank update frequency, sub-Domain, and sub-URL tracking, google featured snippets tracking, and automated ranking alerts through email.

3.     Ahrefs:

Ahrefs, a force to be reckoned with the SEO tool, gives a quick and precise approach to discovering your search rankings. While Ahrefs is anything but a free alternative for checking your position on Google, it is successful. This platform offers a set-up of helpful tools for checking your SEO. Whether you need to audit your site, find new keywords, or target competitor links, you can do it with Ahrefs. You can utilise Ahrefs as a Google keyword position checker. With this Google keyword ranking tool, you can trade all your information to a .csv file. This file format makes it simple to transfer your information to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, and other accommodating tools for tracking and evaluating your SEO performance. It is a paid tool having a price of $99 to $999 every month.

4.     SEMrush:

When you need to accomplish more than discover your search positioning, use SEMrush as recommended by a PhD dissertation help firm. It is a paid Google keyword ranking tool that offers your business a few extra features. You can check your Google position in addition to researching keywords, investigating backlinks, monitoring algorithm updates, and much more. SEMrush offers toolboxes for paid advertising, web-based media, and much more. The report generated for the tracking will furnish your group with a few basic snippets of data, including:

  • top rivals in the search result
  • top keywords
  • general visibility in search results
  • assessed traffic
  • normal position in search results
  • top keywords, going from three to 100
  • landing pages and rankings for featured snippets.

While you have a lot of information, SEMrush makes it simple to process it. You can get to all the data without delay through the primary dashboard. Or on the other hand, you can click various tabs to see every information point individually. You can export this information to share and separate it for teammates and company leaders. Contrasted with other Google keyword positioning tools, AuthorityLabs features a higher price tag. It is a standout amongst other Google rank checker choices because of its delicate broad features and abilities.

5.     AccuRanker:

In case you are searching for an absolute minimum way to deal with finding your Google keyword ranking, use AccuRanker. This free tool gives you a preview of search engine result pages (SERPs) on Google tailored to the outcomes of your country and area. On the off chance you need, you can even observe the results on desktop or cell phones. Use AccuRanker to discover your search positioning by entering your targeted keywords, Selecting your country and area, Picking your device, and then clicking on “Search Now!” Remember that you can only view the primary search results page with SERP Checker. AccuRanker additionally restricts clients to five searches every day. It may not function admirably for your business if you have many keywords. However, it is a free tool.

6.     AuthorityLabs:

AuthorityLabs can enable your business to track rankings for explicit keywords. It is a simpler method for some organisations to discover your search ranking, particularly when contrasted with other Google position check tools, similar to Google Search Console. To look into your Google keyword ranking in AuthorityLabs, Sign in to AuthorityLabs, Add or select your domain or site, and select either one of the choices:

  • Diagram: to see an outline of your keywords rankings
  • Rankings: to view rankings for specific keywords and search engines
  • Now Provided: To check rankings for single pages
  • Add Keywords: To upload keywords individually or in mass.

Most businesses will likely view the “Rankings” and “Now Provided” reports. The advantage of AuthorityLabs, notwithstanding, is that the organisation can glance at search engine rank or position information from a range of perspectives. This tool costs $49 to $450 every month.

Final Thought:

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is integral to your website’s success. It can help you generate more traffic and sales through organic search. But what if there was a way to get even more customers through Google to boost your SEO? Google is offering several tools to help track your search results. This article provides an overview of useful tools and techniques that can help you monitor your search engine results.

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