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Natural treatments to resolve angular cheilitis

The most important portion of our body is our face. People have long desired a gorgeous face free of acne and scars. Angular cheilitis is a medical disorder in which the edges of the face around the upper and bottom lips become inflamed. It produces a huge amount of pain and allows the edges of the lips to crack and irritate. Whenever you have angular cheilitis, especially simple tasks like smiling are impossible.

Your taste will be harsh due to angular cheilitis. It results in swollen, red areas on the edges of the lips that can bleed, irritate, and hurt. It is a form of fungal disease that causes individuals to develop bacteria and fungi on their toes. There are a variety of creams of antifungal on lips on the marketplace. Let’s have a look at some home cures for angular cheilitis.

Baking Soda:

You may have noticed that it contains a variety of qualities that improve our skin and aid in the treatment of various ailments. It is utilized to treat angular cheilitis for a home treatment. Baking soda contains antiseptic qualities that assist treat the fungi and microorganisms that trigger angular cheilitis. It’s quite easy to utilize. You’ll need to combine baking soda and water to produce a creamy mixture. Afterwards, after a several minutes, implement it to the damaged region and cleanse it.


You may be aware that garlic transforms food and enhances its flavour. Several of you are unaware that garlic can be utilized as a natural cure for fungal diseases. It possesses antifungal characteristics that help to heal the condition. Garlic is effective in treating angular cheilitis as well as the itching and suffering produced by a fungal disease. You can smash garlic and implement it straight to the affected region.


One of the most effective home treatments for a variety of ailments. It is extremely beneficial to one’s health in addition to employing natural remedies. You may eat it raw, and it’s utilised in a variety of weight-loss recipe ideas. Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities that help combat angular cheilitis infection. Honey can be applied straight to the problematic area without being diluted in any way.

Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is really beneficial to our wellness. We use petroleum jelly over damaged skin once we notice it. It has been providing excellent service for many generations. It appropriately hydrates your skin and has a calming sensation on it. It can be used to quicken up the recovery phase of angular cheilitis. Sprinkle it on the damaged region and then take a break.


Lemon has vitamin C characteristics and can be used as an organic immunity booster to treat angular cheilitis. You can create a lemon solution and then consume it. Lemon juice can be made by combining water and lemon. Honey can be added to create it even more delicious.

These are the only treatments for angular cheilitis that are currently accessible. Angular cheilitis cream in India is presently accessible.

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