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Indian Social Media App – Byloapp

Social Media is now a part of teenagers. Everything we do, we immediately post it on different Social Platforms. Everyone wants to be popular but nowadays it is very difficult to get popularity and we have to work hard to become popular on big social media platforms. And there are lots of questions in our minds like how can I become an influencer, what should I do to become popular, and is there any way to become popular. The answer is YES. Gaining popularity on social media is not rocket science only we have to grab some opportunities. there are lots of social media applications in the market but they are not like other social media platforms and also do not provide the kind of facilities.

Social Networking Site in India

Here, An Indian social media app comes with all facilities that you want and the app is Byloapp. Byloapp comes in one of the best social media apps in India. We can create posts, videos, and share them with friends and family. We can say it’s Indian facebook, Byloapp is a great platform for creators and influencers.

Many Indians are using and enjoying the app. The main aim of creators for creating the app is to give Indians their own social media app.

The simple specification of Bylo is Buy local and By location. It works the same as Google’s search engine where users easily find and connect with a hyper-local business.

We all want our country self-reliant but how by refusing products of particular countries ‘no’ by using and raising made in India product. Byloapp is taking steps towards making India self-reliant and India’s own social media app. And the best thing is the app is available in many regional languages. In the app, you can join groups of your interest and even you can make your own page.

Products and Services Offered by Byloapp

Digitalization has changed the market, businesses are moving online but an online presence is not enough. Local businesses are struggling and big companies in their niche are stealing their customers by offering deals and rewards. So, how can a local business survive in the market?

By providing services and helping local businesses the app is taking step towards making India self-reliant and supporting vocal for local mission. Businesses can make their page and list and sell products. Even we can post jobs and hire people. Many businesses and brands are listed under Byloapp and the interesting thing is you can get exclusive offers, deals, and rewards. Byloapp is providing its services in 41 cities and over 14000 businesses have been listed across many categories such as fashion, travel, food, fitness, health, clothing, electronics, etc. Due to pandemics, many businesses have faced troubles but those local businesses who were already online got so many advantages.

The founder said they are going to double their reach and cover 80 cities with 40,000 businesses.

Here, We can share our blogs & articles and attract people to our page. The app has many categories like clothing, fitness, health, travel, and lifestyle. We can choose and discover new kinds of stuff. 


This app is going to be a great platform for creators, influencers, businesses, people, and for you. Byloapp is helping local businesses by making their presence online. The app is going to be a good advantage for the local businesses and local markets where buyers and customers can connect easily.

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