What are the best point-and-click PC games?

PC games have something different. Something that makes the products to be fully experienced on your computer.

In recent years, we’ve seen the growing success of sui generis graphic adventures, such as Dontnod’s Life is Strange or Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. And as sui generis, these titles are also well usable on consoles, with a simple pad. But we must not forget the whole indie scene, which especially on PC offers excellent quality titles often at very low prices.

As proof of the vitality of this genre, it should be emphasized the arrival in the coming months of Syberia – The World Before, the fourth title of the saga that has now abandoned its traditional character, to embrace more modern gameplay (also losing a lot, according to our judgment).

So let’s see what are the names to keep an eye on for a genre that, despite the opinion of some, is not dead and will not die in the coming months . Especially on PC.

What are the best point-and-click PC games?

We don’t like to speak in absolute terms. Not a good idea in general, and even more so when it comes to a graphic adventure.

It seems more useful to try to make a division between the recent graphic adventures and the older ones, the great classics of the genre that have made the history of diablos weakness video games. In this way, it is really possible to better appreciate the genre from all its angles.

Some of the best recent Graphic Adventures

Recent graphic adventures are characterized by different approaches to the genre. From the use of pixel art graphics to an episodic structure, there are many variations that can be observed. One thing is not lacking, however: the point and click system full of puzzles. Here are some of the best exponents of the genre:

Thimbleweed Park

A great modern classic, created by what can be considered the fathers of the genre, namely Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. An absolutely classic point and click in gameplay, absolutely enjoyable in history. A must-have.

The Cat Lady

A graphic adventure with a painful and, at the same time, exciting beauty. An indie title that explores themes such as pain, loss, the sense of emptiness. A real indie gem from a few years ago, which may not innovate on the gameplay side, but offers a narrative of great value.

The Blackwell saga

Wadjet Eye Games is one of those developers and publishers that proves that they still care a lot about graphic adventures. And the Blackwell saga, made up of 5 chapters, is a clear demonstration of this. Point and click in pixel art is very enjoyable in terms of gameplay, with an exciting story that unfolds in a compelling way.

Kentucky Route Zero

One of the most successful cases of recent years, a work completed after a rather long and troubled gestation. Kentucky Route Zero is a graphic adventure with a high emotional impact, to be tried at least once to experience a personal and truly well-thought-out story.

Some of the best classic point and click PC games

The PC adventure genre is one of the most traditional and with the most history. This great legacy has left us today titles that are absolutely enjoyable. If you call yourself a “Pista”, you must at least have tried one of these games.

Maniac Mansion

Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, Lucasfilm: the story of graphic adventures begin here. And also Maniac Mansion, a title that changed the cards of the genre forever in 1987. It is a classic full of tough puzzles, and a story full of humor. A story that, in 1993, will somehow be continued with another masterpiece of the genre, Day of the Tentacle.

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Monkey Island

Could there be a blog about PC and gaming without the phrase: “My name is Guybrush Threepwood and I am a fearsome pirate!”? Probably not, because the Monkey Island saga is truly a cornerstone of all PC gaming. Especially the first two chapters (The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge) are pure digital works of art. To play and replay.

Grim Fandango

And a great classic of another of the pivotal games of the genre cannot be missing, namely Tim Schafer. That is 1998 he proposes a graphic adventure that represents a bit of the swan song of the Lucasarts period. A small masterpiece of irony and technique, which enters the history of PC games by right.


In 2002, when the graphic adventures had already been given up for death too many times, Syberia came to rearrange the situation. An adventure with classic gameplay and simply enchanting atmospheres, with a soundtrack that is still hard to forget today

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