How Can I Get A Duplicate Key For My Car?

People occasionally lose their car keys. It gets a bit problematic when they don’t have a spare one. So, it is always suggested to have a duplicate key to your Car. The question arises, how can you get one? This article will provide all the information you need regarding car key replacement services.

Although there are several other methods as well, this article makes sure to provide you with the best possible solutions. Following are some methods that you can adopt if you want to get duplicate keys for your Car:

Locksmith For Cars:

Locksmiths are the best option if you’re looking for car key replacement services. They have the equipment used in making car keys. Locksmiths are experts in all the skills required to make all types of keys of almost all models of cars. They can also program keys using their diagnostic software. Also, if you’ve lost the old keys, they can delete them too if you want.

Locksmith is the cheapest way to get a duplicate key. It is also the fastest way to get your thing done and usually takes just one visit.

A Locksmith for cars can help you with several things, including:

  1. If you’ve lost the original key, Locksmith can replace the lost key for you.
  2. He can provide you with a spare car key.
  3. Locksmiths can easily and efficiently program remote car keys
  4. If you’re locked out of your CarCar, he can open the car lock easily.
  5. Having expertise in his profession, Locksmith can fix and replace damaged locks in no time.
  6. Locksmiths also replace or repair damaged car keys.
  7. They provide you with their services wherever you want.

Here’s the information that you need to provide to your Locksmith for getting your duplicate car keys made:

  • Model of your Car
  • Your Car’s registration number
  • Car identification number
  • Your identification

 Consequently, the most efficient, reliable, and money-saving method for getting car key duplication services is certainly contacting a Locksmith for cars.’ All other methods are either too expensive or too time-consuming and non-reliable.

Check Your Car Dealer:

You can also check at your dealer’s shop to look for duplicate car keys. But being expensive and time-consuming, this method is not recommended at all.

Car dealers do not usually keep car keys, but they can order them for you. This ordering process takes a lot of time and money. They also do not have coding and programming equipment on site. Unlike Locksmith, car dealers may not be able to visit you. Franchise car dealerships also take help directly from locksmiths. So, it is recommended that you visit a locksmith yourself.

Contact Your Car Insurance Provider:

Such things as car keys are usually not covered by insurance companies. Even if it is, contacting your insurance provider can be highly expensive. Doing so, you’ll have to go through a long process, and every insurance company has its terms and conditions. Also, reaching out to your car insurance company for duplicate key services may affect your ‘no claim bonus, which can cost you in the long run.

Though some insurance companies offer a car key cover policy, it costs you much more than any other way; that is also on top of your insurance expense. And in the end, the insurance companies themselves take the services of expert Locksmiths. Then why not do it yourself?

Checking At Some Local Garage:

You can also find duplicate car keys at local garages except when you own some unusual or very old CarCar. Some local garages make keys for you on the spot, but they normally do not possess the advanced and efficient equipment as Locksmiths do.

The local garage can be expensive, slow, and inefficient for getting car key duplication services. 

Automobile Breakdown Services:

Some roadside automobile breakdown services may also provide you with the facility of getting a duplicate key, but it is usually rare. The car breakdown services often only deal with engine breakdowns or tire bursts and punctures.

It is a very slow and unreliable way to get a duplicate key. The people at such spots usually have no idea about key making and dealing with locks. They do not have any equipment required for key coding and might end up just wasting your time and money.


Contact us if you’re looking for the best car key replacement services in Forest Park. We will provide you with the best Locksmiths with years of experience and expertise. Car key coding and programming is our specialty. We have the best equipment and diagnostic software for designing and programming your car keys. At Forest Park, we also provide another key repair, extraction, replacement, lock repair and replacement and old key deletion, etc.

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