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How To Fix Dryer Humidity Problem – Complete Guide

Nowadays people are quite busy in their lives. They have developed innovative solutions and easy ways to do everything. Dryer and dryer vents are some of those modern solutions which have made our lives pretty easy. 

With dryer and dryer vents being installed in our homes, we face many problems related to them. The dryer humidity problem is one of those. It is the most common problem when it comes to dryers. In this article, we will look at the dryer humidity problem and troubleshoot them.

Humidity Problem In Tumble Dryers:

Tumble dryers are commonly used in every home. Although there are other dryers, tumble dryers are more convenient and quick. The main issue with the tumble dryers is their humidity and condensation problem. It results in excessive moisture on the walls and the windows of the room or the laundry area. 

Types Of Tumble Dryers:

  1. Heat pump tumble dryer
  2. Condenser tumble dryer

How To Fix Condensation Issues In Tumble Dryers:

Conventionally there are various ways to fix humidity issues in the dryer. Solutions to some of these humidity issues are listed below:

1. Install Or Move Your Dryer Into Ventilated Room Or Area:

Firstly, if you have installed your dryer in an enclosed room, you might face humidity problems. Therefore, make sure to install your dryer and dryer vent in the room with appropriate ventilation. You can also follow the user manual for the installation.

2. Choose A Bigger Room For Your Dryer:

Secondly,  condensation may occur if you have installed your dryer in a small space. You need to checklist the following points while you are installing your dryer.

  • Firstly, make sure that the designated room is bigger than 10-12 m². Moreover,  if you install your dryer in a small room, condensation will occur at higher rates. It happens since small rooms tend to get more heated as there is no space for air exchange. Therefore, due to heated space,  we can not prevent condensation. 
  • Secondly, if you don’t have any bigger room available for the dryer, use ventilators. It will prevent humidity and moisture in the room.

3. Clean Your Ducts And Dryer More Often:

It is the most common reason for dryer humidity. Trash and lint from the clothes can block the filters and ducts of the dryer. As a result, humidity may occur. Therefore,  you need to ensure that you have cleaned your ducts and filters properly. You can contact the air duct cleaning service in Suwanee. There are many professional and skillful cleaners available for it. 

4. Replace The Door Seal That Is Damaged:

Excessive use and hard blows on Door seals tend to damage it easily. If the door seal is damaged, moisture can easily escape the dryer. However,  if it is not damaged, make sure you clean it properly. A door seal in good condition can hold the moisture of the clothes inside the dryer. Therefore, if there is any moisture you may want to change the door seal.

Technical Issues In The Dryers:

If you are still unable to fix your dryer, it might be because of technical issues. Following are some advanced technical issues that might be of your help:

1. Faulty Drive Belt:

A drive belt is the component of a dryer that rotates the drum or the container of the dryer. If your receptacle is not moving properly, it may result in poor moisture extraction from the clothes. Therefore, the moisture gets accumulated in the dryer, and condensation occurs. However,  you can solve this issue by removing the old drive belt and replacing it with a new one.

2. Inspect The Dryer Blower Wheel:

The dryer blower wheel produces hot air to dry out the moisture from the clothes. Sometimes lint may get accumulated in the wheel. In this case, the dryer wheel will be producing intense vibration and rattling sounds. 

Faulty dryer wheel may occur due to two reasons:

Lint And Trash:

To clean the dryer blower wheel, you may seek professional help. If you are a resident of Suwanee, you may search for a dryer vent cleaning Suwanee. It will lead to professional cleaners. 

Cracks And Obstructions:

Long term and excessive usage may cause damage to the blower wheel. In this case, you need to replace your wheel entirely.

3. Check The Thermal Plug:

A thermal plug or a fuse is an integral component of a dryer. The faulty thermal plug may result in the flawed working of the dryer. Moreover,  it may result in the condensation of the dryer. To solve the  issue of the faulty thermal plug, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly,  make sure that your dryer is not plugged in.
  2. Secondly,  after you have unplugged the dryer, remove the back panel.
  3. Thirdly, search for a thermal fuse.
  4. Lastly, disengage the faulty thermal fuse from the machinery and replace it with a new one.

Besides these issues,  condensation may also occur due to faulty motors. In addition to this, a glitching control panel may also contribute to the condensation issue. If you cannot solve these issues on your own,  you may want to contact professionals for this. Professionals in Suwanee are very competent and skillful. 


In conclusion,  we can say that the dryer humidity problem is a common problem that can happen to anyone. You can solve this issue at home. However,  if the issue is a little technical, you might want to seek professional help. To avoid these problems, you should clean your dryer now and then. It will save you from so many issues.

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