Don’t Panic! 3 Ways to Fix QuickBooks error 12007

A stable internet connection is a must to run any application smoothly. Whether it’s QuickBooks or any other application, poor internet connection can lead to many errors. QuickBooks error 12007 is a common error associated with internet connection issues. The error is usually seen while downloading a payroll or QuickBooks Desktop update. When the error occurs, the user gets a message, “A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server.” Some major triggers of this error are incorrect browser and security settings. Go through the complete blog to learn about the permanent solutions to resolve the error.

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Root causes of QuickBooks Pro Error 12007

The factors that lead to error 12007 in QuickBooks are as follows:

1. There is some problem with your Internet connection.
2. Internet Explorer version you are using is either outdated or is not set as the default browser.
3. SSL settings are misconfigured, and QuickBooks installation is corrupted.

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Top 3 Solutions t o Fix QuickBooks Update error 12007

Solution 1. Download and run TLS 1.2 to fix error 12007

1. Download QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer and then install it successfully on your computer.
2. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and click Installation Issues.
3. Go to the bottom right corner of the QuickBooks Tool Hub and select QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Tool.
4. Click OK, open the TLS Tool and select Yes to the EULA Agreement.
5. Click Run, wait till the tool completes and select Exit.

Solution 2. Ensure Internet Explorer is set to be used as the default browser

1. Close QuickBooks and other open applications.
2. Open Internet Explorer, move to the upper right corner and select the Tools menu.
3. Select Internet Options, go to the Programs tab and move to the Default Web Bowser section.
4. Click the Make Default button and then OK.

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Solution 3. Configure the Internet Explorer settings on your Windows

1. Quit the QuickBooks application, open Internet Explorer and click the Tools menu.
2. Choose Internet Options, go to the Security tab and then click the Globe icon.
3. Set the security level to Medium-high and go to the Connections tab.
4. Choose Never Dial a Connection if you do not use the dial-up node (DUN) on the system. If you utilize the dial-up node, choose the correct ISP, and click OK.
5. Choose LAN settings, check that the automatically detect settings option is selected and Use a Proxy Server box is clear.
6. If Use a Proxy Server box is selected, document the complete address and port.
7. If the port is other than 80, clear the checkbox for testing purposes and click OK.
8. Go to the Advanced tab, click Restore Advanced Settings, and move to the Settings section.
9. Locate and select Use TLS 1.2, then click OK and close Internet Explorer.

If you are still getting the issue then we recommend you to once reach out to our support.


This advisory blog has covered the most effective solutions to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 12007. If the above resolutions doesn’t work or the error reappears, contact the certified QuickBooks expert’s team by calling us on our toll-free number +1-855-856-0042.

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