What’s The Difference Between Timber Hoarding And Composite Hoarding?

When most people imagine a hoardings system typically, they think of the use of timber or, more specifically, hoarding with plywood. This is the primary reason that hoarding systems are not consider for security applications because the market is dominating solutions made of plywood.

What makes hoardings crucial for construction sites as well as other areas? A well-designed hoarding system can ultimately protect your construction site from thieves and intrusions. If you have no way to see your work, it lowers the risk of theft at your property.

Hoarding systems for construction are an excellent way to reduce theft; they’re typically use when sites and projects are locate within public zones.

Based on the Health and Safety Executive, usually in areas that are populate, and in which public safety is at risk near construction sites, either a small mesh of two meters high fence or hoarding should be install at the boundaries surrounding the area.

What Are The Benefits Of Hoarding Construction Systems?

General Public Protection

One of the primary benefits of implementing a construction hoarding system for your project or site is that it safeguards people from risks to their safety that may be present on your property.

It could be vehicles on-site or falling objects and scaffolding, construction equipment as well as noise and dust that can affect pedestrians walking through. The solid hoarding system makes sure that pedestrians are protect in accordance with guidelines on safety and health in construction zones.

Site Protection

The cost of theft is for the construction industry over 800 million dollars each year, and the vast majority often equipment, vehicles, and other metals are taken each month.

Hoarding systems for construction sites have been proven to deter criminals from entering your property. Due to its lack of visibility, it isn’t possible for intruders to get access to your premises after spotting valuables and scraps of metal.


Hoarding construction is a great opportunity for contractors and projects to promote their companies and brand while on the site. Because hoarding solutions are utilize to guard against the influx of people in public spaces. This is a fantastic solution for promoting brand recognition.

The Government Restricts Development And Projects Up To Launch

A lot of developers and construction sites frequently like to generate a sense of excitement when they launch and reveal their latest developments.

They don’t wish to let the world see the behind-the-scenes activities of divulging launch secrets; using hoarding devices is an excellent way to shield sites from view, and build up to the grand announcement on launch day.

What’s The Difference Between Timber Hoarding And Hoarding Made Of Plastic?

Timber Plywood Hoarding Systems

  • Rain storms, storms, and even insect attacks could easily cause effect and cause warping to hoard structures made of plywood.
  • Hoardings made of timber are likely to be affect by weather and color changes as time passes.
  • At the risk of rotting due to the natural material being expose to elements
  • It is less durable than other hoarding materials, such as metal and plastic

Composite Hoarding

Because of the recycled composite plastic used in Hoarding, it doesn’t suffer from elements of nature, such as weather or insects, and it doesn’t change color.

Due to the long-term use of our hoarding printing, we may offer a buy-back option until you are ready to switch over to the permanent fence and move it onto a different project which means that you save in addition to the added benefit of some permanent fence posts having been put in place.

The longevity of the product and it is the possibility of reuse means that there are huge sustainability benefits but also savings since the entire hoarding and foundation cost is thrown away normally

It’s easy to set up without painting and is far more durable and longer-lasting than traditional hoarding. It can withstand an attack longer when compare to wood, and if the panels break, they can quickly be replace since the individual boards are 500mm in width.

Do You Require Hoarding Panelling That Is Quick And Easy To Be Put In Place?

Hoarding fencing panels for temporary use can be easy to set up and can be use in various scenarios. Our strong hoarding panel is constructed in a variety of options, from sharp angles to gentle curves. Made with precise precision the temporary fence creates a safe separation of large or small spaces.


Our hoarding panels are light and flexible enough to fit many different environments. That can accommodate recess and corners and curvatures.


Despite their lightweight fencing panels for hoarding are strong and as secure as possible. The supports we supply are construct of steel to guarantee durability and stability during stormy weather.

Transport Is Easy

Since this hoarding fencing material is light it is able to be move by pick-up trucks which makes them easy for the customer and also an environmentally sustainable alternative.


We are aware of how important it is to have a brand’s image, which is why we’ve design hoardings that are pleasing to the eye and convey an image of professionalism. We provide a variety of branding solutions that allow you to display your company’s logo directly on the panels.


Because the conservation of the environment is important as is saving costs. Of paramount importance to our clients, hoarding panels can be reuse. The panels could be taken to a warehouse and use again when require or transform into new ones or a different kind of plastic.

What Makes One The Leader In Reusable Construction Hoarding

The system is utilize in a range of industries, including supermarket chains and airports, stores for retail trains and subway stations, hospitals, as well as iconic reconstructions. We’ve list some of the most important lessons from Europe’s best construction hoarding practices. Also what the North American construction industry can learn from these best practices.

Modular Construction Hoarding Is The Norm In Europe

Europe has been among the continents that first paved the way for the use of construction hoarding that is modular.  The modular hoarding panels that can be reuse connect to form a strong barrier between customers and construction sites.

The hoarding is able to be move when construction develops. The proven system’s cost and time savings make modular hoarding the best choice to ensure a clean, simple and fast installation.

The Height Of Construction Hoarding Is Higher In Europe

In Europe, hoarding for construction can grow to as much as 16 feet high. In comparison to the North American construction hoarding standard which is nearly two times as big. The larger space makes room for more advertising as well as more efficient marketing campaigns using guerilla tactics.

Furthermore, the promotional graphics are incorporate into the modular hoarding, without the requirement for additional material like Quezon boards. Modular hoarding panels make for an even surface that removes the requirement to coat drywall prior to graphic application.

Construction Hoarding Plays An Increasingly Important Part As Part Of European Environmental Policies

Since the introduction of modular hoarding Europe has made hoarding for construction a crucial element of sustainability strategies.

First of all, Europeans preserve valuable natural resources like timber by not hoarding with plywood. Furthermore, they have upgraded their modular hoarding panel through time by making them use recycled materials.

Standards For Hygiene And Safety Are First

Modular construction hoarding is utilize in locations in which hygiene and safety are paramount. Such as restaurants, supermarkets as well as hospitals, and food processing facilities.  The European system of construction hoarding has advanced from labor-intensive, expensive intensive methods like plywood and drywall. 

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