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Do Merudandasana for joint pain and arthritis problems

Today’s lifestyle is such that our body is always at risk of some health problems. There was not the slightest carelessness that one or the other problem grips us. Eşsiz yaşam bölgeleri barındıran büyük sitelerin olduğu ilçemizde beylikdüzü escort kadınlarını kolayca bulabileceksiniz web sayfamızda. For health-related problems, we usually start making rounds with the doctor. But there are some things by which we can overcome some problems on our own. One such problem is joint pain and arthritis.

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Joint pain and arthritis

Joint pain can occur in the knees, knuckles, neck, arms, and hips of the feet. Earlier it was said that this problem is due to aging, but these days the problem of joint pain is found even in the youth. At the same time, the problem of arthritis is also becoming common. The biggest reason behind this is the excess of uric acid in the body. When uric acid becomes more in the body, it starts accumulating in the form of small crystals in the joints of the body, due to which there is pain and cramps in the joints. Arthritis is also called rheumatism in many places.

Uric acid is formed by eating a variety of foods. Pain, stiffness, or swelling occurs in one or many joints of the patient, in this disease knots are formed in the joints and there is a pain like colic, hence this disease is called arthritis. It is of many types, such as Acute, Osteo, Rheumatoid, Gout, etc.

Symptoms of Gout

In any form of arthritis, swelling begins to appear in the joints. Due to this inflammation, there is pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints, as the disease progresses, it becomes difficult to walk or move. Its effect usually occurs in the bones of the knees, buttocks, fingers, and spinal cord, after that it is also visible in the joints of the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and ankles.

Solve these problems with Merudandasana

Merudandasana is an asana that makes the spine flexible. Regular practice of this asana strengthens the arms and wrists. There is a lot of relief in arthritis. Apart from this, people who do not have proper physical balance, feel difficulty in walking, they can benefit greatly from the practice of this asana. If you want to get all these benefits of Merudandasana then practice it regularly.

Method of Merudandasana

To do this, first, lie down on your back by laying a mat on the ground, then spread both hands. Keep both the hands in a straight line, after that bend both the legs from the knees. The toes of the feet should be together. After that, turn the knees to the right and turn the head to the left. Keep breathing normal, hands do not move from their place. After holding for 3 to 5 breaths, stop in the opposite direction. Repeat this action, do it at least 5-5 times on both sides.

By doing this asana regularly, you will start getting benefits in the above-mentioned problems. If the problem is too much, then along with yoga, show it to a good doctor.

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