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Complete Beginner’s Guide to Benefits of Google analytics

Can a Professional platform help to Measure the website metrics? How can I get to know who clicked on the Subscribe button and now follows my website? Measuring such things and getting information about the website is always the biggest advantage that a business could ever get. Because you are looking to know how to get such vital information, try Google Analytics in your Business. This Free tracking platform is appropriate to make the best decision. The article is all about the benefits of Google analytics. First learn what it is.

What is Google analytics?

A Complete essential tool for all businesses who are looking to track their websites, blogs, and social networks. One of the renowned names in the market for helping you to gather every piece of data to make decisions. Google analytics catches the data with the use of Cookies, Browsers, and Javascript code. We recommend you to choose this free software because it uncovers information like-

  • User duration
  • Number of visitors
  • Visited website pages
  • Channels from where Traffic comes from

Want an Example here to understand this software? 

You can’t record the user activity on your website. Sometimes you apply Guesswork or ignore it. This is a big loss to your company because of no records and you are not able to work on the right lead for improving your business sale. This is why it is mandatory to strive for Google analytics. It records the user activity when he/she arrives and leaves your website. It is easy to figure out which website page that person gave more time in the past. Does he/she visit other pages like “About Company” or “Company Policy”? Every information in your hand!

List of all the top Google analytics benefits to Improve your work

This is the crux of this article as we are going to understand how we can improve our business tasks when Google Analytics is there.

  • Let’s start understanding the benefits of Google analytics by Referrals which is also known as References. The tool helps you to know what website or sources your visitors come from. Such data is necessary for you because you can work on such crucial websites in the future as well if you believe it is helping.
  • The second key benefit is Behavior reports. It will let you know which website page the visitors are getting right information for their task. And how visitors are using your site. Is it important to know? This is completely valuable for you because you can bring changes or Improve something if required.
  • This platform provides you with information like who brings more Traffic for your website: SEO Campaign or PPC Campaign. It helps your team department to work on campaigns to get multiple users more quickly. Ultimately, it opens up the information of the device like the mobile/Tablet they used to get into your website. Identify all such information and make plans according to that. It will surely give you the best benefit for your business websites.
  • Are you able to figure out the Bounce rate of your website? If a Bounce rate is increasing then it means visitors are not spending enough time. Maybe they don’t get something they are looking for. Thanks to Google analytics to check out the metrics of this as well. It makes you clear what changes you should bring. Also, this user-friendly tool unhides the visitor’s country too.
  • If I am looking to gather the information of the visitor’s browser then I don’t need to search on the internet to buy the software for this purpose. Let Google analytics handle this. An easy-to-use tool provides the functionality of getting browser information like Google Chrome, Firefox, and more.


This is Aashna Khanna a CRM consultant at OutRight Store, a software development company that mainly concentrates on CRM plugin development and deployment. Here, you'll find extensions for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM that can enhance the communication, automation, and efficiency of your existing CRM solution.

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