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Top Webex Alternatives Worth Trying Out.

Webex Alternatives !!

Webex is one of those platforms that gained popularity during the outbreak of the pandemic, and continues to enjoy it to date. Known as one of the most immersive and easily accessible online platforms, Webex offers its users a set of top-notch features that help them deliver their plans seamlessly and hassle-free. 

Webex comes with several features. These features come together to deliver a lifelike experience to attendees. 

Though Webex comes with a plethora of features, the users have experienced several glitches on this platform. It was then realized that no matter the efficiency of Webex, it is also necessary to look for alternatives to this platform. 

Hence, addressing the need of the hour, we have compiled a list of the top Webex alternatives worth trying. 

So, without any ado, let us jump straight into the blog and read about those online platforms. 

Mixhubb is a 3D online event platform that comes with a set of advanced features. This platform has been designed to keep the needs and convenience of the users in mind. It is a self-managed platform that allows users to execute their events and manage them at their convenience. Not only this, but since it is a customizable platform, the users get to design their events as per their needs and demands. Mixhubb allows the users to record their entire meetings and conferences, which increases the utility of the content. In addition, Mixhubb provides users with advanced networking and audience engagement tools. These tools help the organizers keep the attendees hooked to the platform and help the attendees connect with each other easily. Apart from it, Mixhubb also provides users with live detailed analytics; these data help the attendees analyze their strategies and measure how successful their meetings were. 

Mixhubb is a completely Economical Virtual Event platform that ensures that the organizers don’t have to spend hefty amounts of money to host an online meeting. Moreover, it also provides them with a month-long trial offer. The users can use it to host an unlimited number of events. What adds to it is the fact that it is a multi-device and multi-browser accessible platform that allows the attendees to join the meeting from any device of their choice. 

  • Glip By RingCentral: 

The next platform we will be talking about is Glip by the renowned brand RingCentral. Since Glip is a product of RingCentral, it goes without saying that it is an authentic Online Meeting solution. Glip is preferred by users across the globe due to its high video quality. Also, its another platform, Glip Pro is a free and multi-utility platform that allows the users to host immersive online meetings. Not only this, this platform comes with all the features that one needs to host successful online meetings. On this platform, you can connect with 100 attendees at once and host meetings for as long as 24 hours. Apart from it, this platform also provides the users with a recording capacity of 10 hours. The users can record their meetings, save them, download them at their convenience and share them with people across their network.

  • Microsoft Teams: 

Microsoft Teams, a product by Microsoft, is an authentic online meeting platform that enables users to execute their ideas effectively and efficiently. It is an easy-to-use platform that lets users host meetings with 300 attendees at once. However, out of 300, only 9 attendees are visible on the screen at one time. Also, with its most expensive plan, the users can host meetings with 100,000 attendees. Some of the features that Microsoft Teams provides to its users are recording, screen sharing, live chat, customer support, etc. Also, since it is a part of the Microsoft family, this online meeting platform allows users to integrate with other Microsoft platforms and software and elevate the level of their meetings. 

  • Google Meet: 

Well, this platform doesn’t need any introduction, but for those who don’t know, Google Meet is an excellent and super easy-to-use online meeting and conference platform. It is a part of the Google Suite and allows users to integrate with other Google software and applications. Google Meet comes with several plans; with its free plan, the users can host meetings with 100 attendees at once. However, the number goes up to 250 when the users opt for its enterprise plan. Also, the number of hours for meetings and conferences also goes up to 300. Google Meet is a cloud-based platform that doesn’t require the attendees to download any additional software or application. To attend a meeting on this platform, the attendees can simply click on the link. 

These are our top four picks that we will always go with when talking about Webex alternatives. All these platforms we have explained here are the most sought-after platforms for hosting online meetings and conferences. If you are planning to host any conference or meeting, you can go with any of these platforms. 

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