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Communication between parents and schools, which tends to be one-way

Please tell us what you think of the communication between the school and the parents about CCNA certification. Mr. Yunia: Parents do not go to school very often, so I think there are very few opportunities to learn about the behavior of children and the efforts of teachers in school. By contacting ICT, I think it would be good to have more experiences that bring us closer to school.

Mr. Taniguchi said I am responsible for the class this year, so I go to school to listen to the principal and the teacher of the CCNA certification class and share it with the parents of the LINE class group. It is possible to convey the reaction of each family to the teachers at the next supervisor’s meeting, but I think it is difficult for each family to communicate directly with the teachers. It’s a one-way street from the school so you might find it nice to have some interaction.

It is sure to get a professional service

Mr. Shimizu: Parents can still be in touch with each other on LINE, but teachers are prohibited from communicating directly with parents through these services. After all, it is sure to get a professional service with exclusive school functions, which can connect home and school with peace of mind.

Kawai: School networking opportunities are interviews and parent-teacher associations, but when it comes to school gatherings, it’s not a two-way street. I think communication at home would change if we could understand what a child would be like. Teachers are busy, so hopefully, technology can solve the problem.

Simple “Absentee Classy Connection” with a few questions

– Please give us your impression of the actual operation of “Class Absence Notification” about CCNA training.

Kawai: Having a specific time to call the school is always a burden, so I’m so grateful that parents can always call and check how often they take a break. By reducing the burden on teachers, I think we can spend more time preparing lessons and working with students.

Mr. Shimizu: Parents know that teachers are busy, so they also take care of making a phone calls. I thought it would be cool if I could make a simple call like “Classic Absent Call”.

Class Absence Notice is simple and easy to use. It’s only a few times a year, but I think being able to connect reliably is helpful.

It was bereavement when I called by phone

“Classi Absence Contact” is so simple and easy to understand that there are no questions asked. In the bulletin, the bereavement state is written separately, such as the absence of illness, but I said it was bereavement when I called by phone, but I am afraid that it will be transmitted. I think it’s very nice to be able to see this in a list.

It is good that teachers can immediately understand the information. So that they can immediately react to the vacation status and a non-responsible teacher can verify the information. There is no notification at the entrance, but the frequency of use of “Classic”. Will increase and this may be an opportunity to evolve into another communication opportunity. I think the communication between the school and the parents may gradually become two-way.

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