7 exciting Things To Do At Port De La Mer, Dubai  

La Mer, the newest estate on the beach in Dubai, is a wonderful addition to the residential shores of Dubai and is a big name for the city. La Mer Dubai is sure to become your new, favorite spot for dining, playing, and relaxing, flaunting wide open boardwalks, graffiti art murals, and a breezy beachfront feel.  If you’re looking for a high-quality lunch at the beach, a few hours of shopping by the beach, adventurous surfing, lazing a book at the beach, La Mer Dubai is your stop. If you are planning to shift permanently to Dubai, you can choose from a wide array of luxury villas for sale in Dubai to enjoy the luxuries of this extravagant place.

Down below is a list of 7 exciting things you can do at La Mer, Dubai.

Enjoy the sun on the shore

You can easily relax by the beachfront cabanas with your new books or enjoy magnificent beach and water sports on this stylish beachfront. Sea Breeze helps you to maintain your private cabanas and to relax as much as you want with constant views over the Arabian Gulf.

Cruise and Slide through Waves

If you’re a watersport fan, La Mer Dubai is the place to go. La Mer has proved to be a promising spot for adventures with two beaches, the North Beach and South Beach, with a number of exciting events and sports.

Take a visit to North Beach and enjoy motorized sports like flyboarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and all the non-motorized rental options, such as Standup Paddle, Waterbike, Pedalo, kayaking, and float rental on South Beach

Have Fun at Laguna Water Park

The Laguna Water Park is another addition to the infinite range of Dubai’s adventure water parks, however, the WaveOz 180 is a star attraction that defeats the others. This ultimate Surf Machine is one of the few surf simulators in the world with a 180-degree scale that helps you to capture waves on the wall-to-wall stimulator of 187 feet. In addition to the aura, the surfing simulator is a sea-side journey, which makes the experience much more thrilling. The Laguna Water Park features an excellent set of water slides, elegant rivers, a children’s splash zone, and a bathing pool to hold you in the water during the day!

Hop at Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa is an entertaining inflatable idea for anyone who cannot stand still! The idea in dune is the first of its kind outside of East Asia and it comes entirely from Japan. The playground is a free jumping area. Each of Hawa Hawa’s two dunes is made of a double, all-weather layer, which gives endless fun regardless of the weather. It consists of two dunes and seven peaks and is suitable for guests of all ages who want a low-intensity sport. The smaller dunes are for kids under the age of 6 whereas the bigger dunes are for everyone though the weight limit is 99kg.

Explore a World of Flavour

La Mer Dubai is a food-loving paradise, with an attractive collection of restaurants and cafes. Here, from Belgian waffles to spicy Indian curries to Spanish pulp, you will find everything which suits your taste. Over 50 cuisine choices are available in La Mer, covering the North Island and the South Island, keeping your preference unchanged. Take a walk along the waterfront and follow the taste that you feel at their windows.

Shop Til You Drop

Enjoy defying secret gems in the form of boutiques, ready-to-wear brands, and other design shops scattered around La Mer. Don’t forget to visit Hamac, a beach store with a variety of sleek bathing suits for people of all types, along with cool accessories to the beach, such as giant fruit-shaped inflatables, sunshades, blankets, beach chairs, and more. Also, if you’ve forgotten about your pouch in your house, pack it up from Sephora’s new outlet.

Enjoy the aesthetics of the Wharf

La Mer Dubai is also a city’s playground with decorative sculpture, colorful walls, and colored graffiti featuring cars and camels to sweets. La Mer integrates minimal and decorative design elements which make it a masterpiece of architecture with a vibrant sea-side environment. The Wharf is strikingly different from all La Mer’s clean and simple atmosphere. It looks straight out of a dystopian novel or a series of 1970’s action movies, with intimidating steel objects. The region gives a trendy industrial atmosphère with rusty steels, worn-out drums, wooden barrels, and beat-up trucks in the town.

The above guide will probably help you a lot if you are planning a visit to La Mer, Dubai. Go through the villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah if you are looking for a bigger house for your family.

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