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B.Sc. IT after Do full information 

If you want to get into the field of computer science, then there are many career options available in it. It is a misconception that only B.Tech. Or MCA can give you a job in an IT company. In today’s time there are many good courses which are in equal demand. One of them is B.Sc. IT is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, in fact B.Sc.IT is a single course with a different approach. In this, you get complete knowledge of Computer Science and Allied Fields. When you look at the courses of B.Tech or BCA / MCA, you will find that they also have some auxiliary modules like Management or Foreign Language.

B.Sc. IT is a three-year course as opposed to only four-year engineering. This enables you to get internship, training as well as job placement in front of them. It is well known to the students to have a similar understanding of software as well as research departments of computer science. This makes you high in demand both in R&D institutions and software companies. You definitely have an edge over them, you are equally eligible to work in the same department as theirs. So what are the opportunities available to you after completing your B.Sc Information Technology.  Alpine Group of Institutes

B.Sc. IT after Career opportunities and job prospects 

B.Sc. IT after Career opportunities and job prospects are huge such as –

Data Scientist

If you have a strong foundation in Programming and Sharp Analytical Skills, then you can start your work as a Data Scientist. You need to learn big data tools like Python, Azure, Pig, Hive QL etc to get excellence in this field. Currently, it is a one shot area, with a wide demand supply gap. If you become a Data Scientist then you will get a very good salary. You can allow some onsite opportunities for a global experience and expertise, you can learn all these software from some training institutes or even through MOOCs. As a matter of fact, most of the websites like Edx, Coursera and Open MOOC Sites offer certifications in this.

Even Google offers its Certificate Course through Online Mode. You can get these while working which will not only help you apply your skills in your work but will also work for your promotion. A Data Scientist is currently paid an average of 6.2 Lakhs per year.

Data Analyst

The work of a Data Analyst is completely different from that of a Data Scientist. While data scientists are involved in predictions based on data trends, data analysts are involved with a longer field of work. They are also responsible for collecting, categorising, analysing, predicting and presenting the data in a more meaningful way. Apart from knowing all the big data tools, they should have a solid foundation of Hadoop based analytics and ETL tools.

If you want to get excellence in this field, then work on your analytical decision making. This sector is also currently facing a shortage of talent. With a good set of skills, you can achieve excellence in this field very fast. Currently, a Data Analyst earns an average of 3.5 lakhs per year. Your salary will increase depending on your field and level of expertise, it is indeed a very volatile field. You need to update your knowledge and skills very fast to stay in demand.

Cloud Computing Expert

These days, all companies manage their data through a virtual storage platform called Cloud Computing. B.Sc. After that, you can do a short-term course in Cloud Computing. After that, you can start your work as a Cloud Computing Specialist. You will be endowed with the responsibility of moving, managing Company data to secure cloud storage and analysing system vulnerabilities. You have to critically understand the vulnerability of the company’s data in cloud storage. Cloud computing experts are in great demand these days. If you prove your worth, you can start working on an annual salary package ranging from 12-19 lakhs per annum.

Cybersecurity Expert

With a lot of potentially sensitive D’s stored in cloud storage, hackers are now all the more active. As a cyber security expert, you have to work towards making the company’s cyber data more secure and impermeable. From stealing money from an online banking platform to hacking a government agency’s website, all come under cyber crimes. You will be put in the role of preventing such attacks. You can also go into the field of ethical hacking after gaining experience. B.Sc. After that, you have to get some certifications to get into this field. Even these certifications are classified as beginner, mid-level and advanced. Here is a comprehensive list of certificates such as –

Microsoft Virtual Academy

It offers around 35 certifications in cyber security, not to mention the weighting from Microsoft.

Apple Training and Certification

Mac OS and iOS are considered hack-proof. You can guess the importance of having a cyber security certificate in such a field, if you are successful, you can earn a lot of money.

IT Engineer

IT Engineer As the name of this degree suggests, in this you get an honors degree in IT, which makes you eligible to work as an IT engineer. You will start your career as Associate IT Engineer. All the major IT firms like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and Cognizant hire B.Sc.IT graduates for the fresher position. In this your salary depends on your qualification.

If you have graduated from a top-notch college and have a lot of programming skills, then you will get around 3 Lakhs Per Annum. This salary may vary depending on your joining terms. In this, you should try to learn more and more skills during the study. You have to have a good hold on one of the programming languages.

Web Designer

A web designer is known for creating, coding, publicising and maintaining a website blueprint. If you have interest in coding and have a creative twist in your mind, then you can work as a web designer in various firms.

You can also start your work as a freelancer, there are many websites that provide regular jobs to freelance web designers, but you need to follow the requirements of the client and deliver it on time to this line of work for you. It may pay comparatively less in the beginning. With good experience and customer base, you can earn around 60 thousand or more per month.

Mobile Application Developer

You must have noticed that most e-commerce websites have their own individual apps. In addition, banks, supermarkets, and even schools have their own app. Not to mention photography apps, food delivery apps, musical apps etc. If you want to become a mobile app then you have to increase your skills in developer, app development.

You can start by developing apps on your own and marketing for them in the online world. You can also start working as a freelance app developer. Most of your earnings will depend on the usefulness of the app and your expertise. You can enhance your skills through online learning platforms like EdX, Udemy, Course etc. These are of really good quality and even offer these certificates.

Civil Services

You become eligible to appear in UPSC and State Public Service Commission exams after graduation. If you have the desire to serve your country, then you can prepare for these exams. After clearing the two-stage written test, you will be called for an interview.


All public sector banks take graduate candidates. Stream and percentage do not matter much in the field of banking. But you have to clear a banking services exam like IBPS PO or MT exam followed by an interview. You can apply for both Clerk and Manager posts. As a banker, your job will be completely different from what you have studied. But you have to apply your knowledge to manage the computer system of the bank.


After B.Sc.IT you can do B.Ed. Will make you eligible to become a teacher in schools. You will be able to teach children about the basics of computer science. B.Ed. After you M.Sc. And then qualify NET. After that, you can pursue M.Sc. will also be qualified to teach the students of. In fact, M.Sc. After doing that, you will also be eligible to work in various positions in an MNC company.

Technical Writer

You can use your knowledge to be a technical writer, you can write any course books or technical articles, to go further in this field, we will suggest you to do a course in Journalism or Book Publication, you Can also work as an Independent Writer. Many companies cannot hire Full Time Writers, so they prefer to get their work done by a Freelance Technical Writer.

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