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What Are The Top Features Of RPA That You Should Know?


RPA or Robotic Process Automation is one of the most effective approaches to making business activities lean and efficient. Most businesses rely significantly on time-consuming, duplicated services and procedures that are both costly and time-consuming. As a result, many organizations implement RPA to become more flexible and competitive. However, it is easy to become lost in the several functionalities provided by various RPA providers. Thus, to become proficient in this technology, it is necessary to have proper RPA Training in Delhi. Such training will help you with in-depth knowledge of the software and help in getting high-paid jobs. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled the top features of RPA that every IT professional should know.

Features of RPA:

There are several features of the RPA tool that helps businesses to operate efficiently. However, a few of them are s follows:

Rich Analysis:

Most prominent Robotic Process Automation software solutions have a powerful analytical suite that assists in identifying the performance of digital workforces without the requirement for integrations. The data may be accessed remotely and gives thorough operation analysis on servers, processes, robots, and so on, allowing users to identify faults and simplify future workloads.


Any RPA technology must have role-based security and access. Robotic Process Automation is intended to be utilized by several team members, yet it is crucial to establish action-specific permissions based on each team member’s roles and responsibilities. Also, RPA technologies have encryption features to ensure seamless operations during network connectivity outages, prevent malicious manipulation, and ensure the authenticity of the historical record for compliance.

Version Control:

This feature allows developers to save each version of the bot so that you can compare and identify differences between multiple versions of the bot in a given process. Also, some Robotic Process Automation tools include features like bot scheduling, handling versions, storing user logs, bot activities, and so on. However, all o these features ensure proper auditable management and control over the RPA environment.

Hosting & Deployment:

Most Robotic Process Automation systems provide different hosting and deployment options, such as virtual machines, cloud, and terminal services. Also, they can deploy bots in groups using an agentless configuration. This feature eliminates issues with central server synchronization and runtime updates. As a result, businesses can install RPA tools on desktops while deploying bots on servers to extract data for repetitive tasks. Similarly, while processing large amounts of data, users can run multiple bots to complete different projects within a single process.

Seamless Integration:

The RPA feature includes seamless integration with the company’s third-party applications. RPA bots can perform tasks quickly as they copy human interactions with various ERP and CRM solutions. Moreover, RPA offers exceptional flexibility in determining digital workforce performance.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

OCR has become the most popular RPA feature. Many Robotic Process Automation vendors are capitalizing on this trend by offering data extraction from images and documents. However, these tools include a screen scrapping feature that captures data from the system screen and compares it to given details to understand it. In addition to text recognition, Robotic Process Automation tools can structure data while recognizing it from unstructured documents. Some documents that accept OCR are Invoices, claim processing, tax forms, rating generators, etc.


Debugging is the most crucial component of Robotic Process Automation systems from the development perspective. Some RPA can adapt dynamically during debugging, while others require manual processes. Also, RPA allows developers to test multiple situations by changing variable values without halting the existing bot.


Finally, Robotic Process Automation has the power to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency, and it will be crucial in the future for building a seamless operating environment. As a result, to make a career out of this powerful technology, RPA Online Training is a must.


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