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5 Regular Smile Issues Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix

How proud are you of your smile? When you go to work or meet up with friends, do you feel your smile is just as great as your personality? While some may answer yes to these questions, others may have a negative answer. If you belong to the latter group and have issues like broken or chipped teeth and it is telling on your self-esteem, you really need to do something about your smile. Talking about that, how about a brighter smile? Yes, there are cosmetic solutions that can give you that desired smile. By working closely with you, our Cosmetic Dentistry will arrange for the best suitable dental treatment that will correct all your smile issues and restore a brighter, healthier smile.

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5 regular smile issues

For a lot of people, dental treatments are relatively cheap to attain a healthy smile. And, of course, some do need advanced and expensive dental solutions. So, it begins with assessing the appearance of your teeth. What is that one thing you would like to change about your teeth? In fact, have you noticed any of these about your teeth?

  • Broken, chipped or cracked teeth
  • Discoloration or stains on teeth
  • Gaps and asymmetrical space between teeth
  • Irregular shaped or sized teeth
  • Teeth misalignment like crowding, overlapping or crookedness

The good news is that these issues have an array of dental cosmetic solutions and are available at Dental Practice Turkey. Yes, we offer our patients, both new and existing, the best and most appropriate treatment for specific flaws in their smiles.

Now, let us consider some of the common smile imperfections and cosmetic dental solutions.

Chipped or broken teeth: This can happen when the teeth are traumatised by an accident, a fall, or a facial impact. It may either leave the tooth broken or chipped along an end. For cases like this that require minor repair, our cosmetic dentists will use dental bridges to fix it. The tooth shape or size is restored after treatment.

Misaligned teeth: Another kind of smile imperfection is tooth misalignment. It can take other forms like widely spaced teeth or gaps between teeth. To correct this, the dentist uses porcelain crowns. These are thin shells made of ceramic to mascarade tooth flaws by installing them over the front teeth. They are made to size following the size and shape of the affected tooth or teeth. This means that no one will notice that you’ve had treatment. The flaw will simply be covered up, and you can go about your business with ease.

Tooth discolouration: Stained teeth is yet another everyday smile concern. Showing off yellow-coloured teeth can be a turn-off when you smile. Habits like smoking and the use of tobacco plus poor oral hygiene can contribute to this issue. But you can alleviate this issue by seeing a dentist for professional teeth whitening. This step is important because a trained dentist will first evaluate the cause of your tooth discolouration before treating it. At-home teeth whitening solutions may work but not for all kinds of tooth stains. There are stubborn discolourations that only a professional whitening procedure can handle. And the result of this in-office treatment will last longer than other options though you may have to visit the dentist on another appointment for a refresher treatment.

Damaged teeth: Here, the treatment option can be all-porcelain crowns. These are special dental appliances used to safeguard damaged teeth. They also come in handy to cosmetically improve a poorly shaped or chronic tooth discolouration. Our dentist will prep your teeth to receive the crowns and let you in on post-care guidelines for porcelain crowns to enjoy the treatment for a long time.

Misaligned teeth: This can be in the form of tooth crowding or crooked teeth. The issue with misaligned teeth is bite problems. People may develop an overbite, underbite, cross bite or open bite depending on the manner with which the misalignment has occurred. But your dentist will correct many of these cases. Generally, ClearCorrect aligners can help with tooth misalignment and restore the symmetry of the teeth. This way, you will be able to have a better bite.

Book your smile restoration treatment

We at Dental Practice Turkey offer bespoke treatment to all kinds of common smile imperfections. So if you are experiencing any flaw in your smile, book an appointment with any of our aesthetic dentists for a brighter, healthier smile.

During your initial consultation, your smile goals will be discussed in view of your existing conditions, and we will give you the best possible dental care to bring back that smile you have always craved. We are always open to receiving questions concerning smile makeover procedures and would be very glad to address any concerns you have. Feel free to reach out to any member of our team.

Peradventure your common smile flaw was not discussed here; bear in mind that we are up-to-date on common smile imperfections and have all it takes: practitioners, technology, equipment and facilities to perform these cosmetic treatments.

You are in safe hands when you visit Dental Practice Turkey as only highly-trained and certified dental aesthetic experts are on our team. So, when do we start? Give us a call right away.


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