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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

For a couple to know that it cannot conceive naturally due to fertility issues can be devastating. Similarly, undergoing infertility treatment i.e., IVF can be an emotional roller coaster. Initially, most such couples are not aware about IVF generally, while they must have a general idea about the treatment. While on one hand, the procedure brings you the joy of your life i.e., child, it can also have some side effects and complications. This articles focuses on the risks and side effect of IVF.

In Vitro Fertilisation

In Vitro Fertilization commonly referred to as IVF is a technique of assisted reproduction. The word “in vitro” means outside human body hence, in vitro fertilization collectively means fertilization that takes place outside human body.

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IVF Treatment in Pakistan

During IVF,  sperm and eggs are retrieved from both the partners’ bodies and put together in laboratory petri dishes under controlled environment for fertilization. Usually, sperm fertilise the eggs overnight. During, fertilization the eggs divide and develop into embryo. The embryos are monitored for some days during which the embryologist selects the healthiest of them all to be implanted back to the uterus. After two weeks pregnancy tests is taken to determine whether or not pregnancy has been achieved.

Risks & Side effects of IVF

Generally, IVF is a safe procedure. However, like any other medical treatment it has some side effects which are mostly a result of fertility drugs. The side effects of IVF are as follow:

  • Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS): Out of all the females whose ovaries are stimulated with hormones for IVF, 10% experience OHSS. Some people recover easily while a few require medical assistance due to the severity of the syndrome.
  • Multiple Pregnancies: During IVF often more than one embryo are implanted to the uterus in order to avoid risk of unsuccessful attempt. Due to it, there is a risk of multiple pregnancies such as, twins or triplets. Such pregnancies are complicated for both mother and children.
  • Birth Defects: When IVF was introduced a lot of researchers had concern regarding the birth defects arising from it. However, the risk of birth defects are relatively low.
  • Infection or Discomfort: The procedure can cause discomfort as well as mild cramping. Besides, there is a risk of pelvic infection and bleeding from ovary or pelvic vessels.

Moreover, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, miscarriage, accidental puncture of bladder are some of the other side effects of IVF.

Best IVF Center in Multan

With fertility business booming all over the world, numerous IVF centers have been established. The purpose of an IVF center is to provide all the infertility treatments and relevant treatments under one roof. Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center is the leading infertility clinic in Pakistan which has also been awarded as the best IVF center in Pakistan by the Pakistan’s Consumer Association. Our IVF Center in Multan has all the necessary and advanced facilities required to make your infertility treatment successful. We aim at treating the root cause of infertility and try to restore it in order for our patients to conceive naturally. If it fails, we provide appropriate treatment plan with highest probabilities of success.

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