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12 Places for Camping in Coorg


Coorg is located around 250 km away from Bangalore. It is a well known hill station and has various tourist attractions. It is known for having coffee plantations and apart from that it has a lot of flora and fauna. There are a lot of peaks in and around Coorg where one can go for trekking and camping. There are a lot of campsites in Coorg which not only offer stay but also various activities. Camping is one of the main activities in Coorg as it is a hill station and you can camp near the hills or river.

If you wish to camp in Coorg, here is a list of places to camp at – 

Camping In Gonikoppa – 

This campsite is about 25km away from the city of Gonikoppa so to reach here you will need private vehicles. Since it is not in the city, getting public transport till the campsite would be a little difficult. There is a stream in the neighborhood of the campsite as well as coffee plantations.

Once you reach the campsite you can either relax or explore the surroundings. The evening would be dedicated to bond with other guests and play outdoor games. After dinner the bonfire setup would be done for the guests to experience what camping feels like. Spend the night in tents, next day get up and go for a short trek. 

Evergreen county –  

This campsite is very different from what the other campsites usually are. The campsite is made in a way where you can relive memories of childhood. The camp has luxurious tents and is a mixture of homestay and resort.  You can plan your stay at this site for 3 days and you will have activities to do.

The campsite has a pond nearby where you can go for a swim. Other water activities that can be done are kayaking, pond coracle and swimming. The camp takes the guests for a walk in the plantations at night which is an experience that you don’t find often. After camping you can even go sightseeing. 

Jungle mount adventure camp – 

This camp is located next to the Kakkabe river and at the foothills of the Tadiandamol peak. The activities the camp offers other than camping is trekking, canoeing, kayaking and dirt racing. The camp has cabins of wood for accommodation where a bed is also given along with a bathroom.

You can even go to a waterfall or go on a drive to the mountains in the night or morning. Bird watching, rafting and doing rope activity courses are some other adventures here. If you want your camping experience to be very adventurous then you should go for this campsite. 

Cottage Stay In Coorg –  

This campsite is very modern and has all the facilities you may want. There is also a river that flows at the back of the property. The campsite has a few cottages and a few tents, you can choose your preferred accommodation. At night there will be a bonfire along with music and barbeque. In the evening you can go for a trek to the river or play indoor and outdoor games at the campsite. 

Maday holidays – 

The campsite tries to bring you closer to nature. It is a campsite in the western ghats amidst a coffee estate.  The place offers trekking, ziplining and a jeep tour of the coffee estate. A bonfire setup will be done at night along with barbeque. 

Votecad nature camp – 

This campsite is in the middle of plantations and shrubs. If you want to enjoy the natural surroundings go to this campsite. You can set up the camps by yourselves. The hosts will arrange for a bonfire night and you sure won’t regret going to this campsite. 

Jollyboys Coorg camping –  

This site offers various tent options to choose from. They have large, medium, small tents and also bell tents. The activities that can be done here are trekking, walk to the waterfall. Barbeque, jungle and rock trails and bonfire nights. 

Coleman camping – 

The campsite gives a proper camping experience but also looks after your comfortability. They have large tents making it very comfortable and cozy. You can go for a forest trek or drive in a jeep. 

Wild tent – 

The area of the campsite is in the middle of nature but it is very modern. Sitting in the lawn you can overlook the mountain view and relax. When it becomes dark, set a campfire and play music to jam on. You may also get to see waterfalls during the day. 

Alpine Campsites – 

This campsite is in the wilderness and you can have a look at the peaks situated far away. There is a huge lawn which has shacks where you can sit and chill. For staying at night they do have tents. The Madikeri fort is very close to the campsite that you can visit. 

Campsite at Virajpet – 

A camp with modern amenities and filled with greenery. It is situated near the Cauvery river giving an opportunity for fishing. The campsite provides everything to you, all you have to do is reach the location.

Areca campsite – 

Camping in Areca feels like camping in the middle of a jungle. There are hammocks set at various places in the campsite for you to relax. It is an adventure you take upon to stay in the jungle. At night the only light visible would be of the bonfire.

These are a few places where you can camp when in Coorg. 

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