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Andaman Trip – Your Complete Travel Guide


Andaman is an island filled with white sand beaches. This tourist destination has become famous over the years. There are a lot of places in Andaman that one can visit. The world’s largest sea turtle nest is situated in Andaman. Andaman also has various islands within it. The white sand beaches are filled with beauty which is not found easily in India. Coming to Andaman feels like you are traveling to some international country by looking at the beaches. Here you have an entire guide on how you can reach, the best time to visit and a lot more. 

How to reach – 

As there is a water body that you have to cross in order to reach Andaman, you cannot travel by train. The easiest way to reach Andaman islands is by traveling in flight. The closest and only commercial airport is Veer Savarkar airport in Port Blair. You can travel from any city, if the duration is longer, then you may have to change flights. From Kolkata and Chennai the flight time would be around 2 or 3 hours. 

Another option is to travel by sea. You will be getting down at Haddo Wharf  which is the main port in Port Blair.  The ship starts to sail from Kolkata and Chennai, 3-4 times in a month. It would take you almost 4 days to go by ship. The ship is not a cruise so there won’t be any entertainment options, it is only for commuting purposes. This way of travel is not recommended as it increases the trip duration and can get tiring. 

Best time to visit- 

As it is an island you can visit anytime of the year. The ideal time is the winter season as everything is perfect, the weather is pleasant and it is the right time for sightseeing. Monsoons are not recommended as there may be high tidal waves. If you love beaches then the environment and ambience in the summer season is perfect.

Summers are an ideal festival celebration season. The  Island Tourism festival, Subash Mela and Block Mela take place in the summer season. Monsoons are not really recommended because you can’t go sightseeing or do any adventure activities. But if you wish to explore and enjoy then you can travel in the monsoon season. 

Places to visit

Andaman in itself has a lot of different islands. The different islands and places that you can visit are – 

Havelock island –

This island has become a prime tourist spot over time. The beauty of this island is unbelievable, having lush greenery, white sand on the beach and the blue water. There are luxurious hotels on this island built in order to serve the guests. The two famous beaches on this island are the Elephant beach and the Radhanagar beach. The Radhanagar beach is filled with sounds of animals in the background. Under expert guidance snorkeling and scuba diving can also be done.  

Few other islands that you can visit are – Neil island, Ross island, North Bay island, Baratang island, Viper island, Cinique island. 

The Kala Pani jail –

This is a cellular jail used by the Britishers in the past. This jail was used to imprison freedom fighters during the fight for India’s independence. The jail has now become a tourist place and a light and sound show takes place over there. 

Few places that you can visit are – Diglipur, Chidiya Tapu, Mount Harriet And Madhuban and the Corbyn Cove beach. 


If you want to make your travel budget friendly then here are a few tips that may help – 

  1. Make sure that all your flight bookings are done well in advance as this will save a lot of cost
  2. Try and make booking on your own or if you want help take from the locals than some travel agent
  3. The weather is usually pleasant so if you travel in non-ac vehicles it will save you a huge cost

Reasons to travel to Andaman – 

Not a lot of people would actually need reasons to travel. The place itself has created a good name for the beauty and adventures it offers. You also get to try the local cuisine which is seafood. Go shopping or enjoy the various islands with the white sand beach. 

Traveling to Andaman is very fun as there is a lot to see and you have unique experiences. Andaman is filled with scenic views from so many different islands to select from. You should definitely plan a trip to Andaman and there are no seasonal restrictions on when you can travel. 

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