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10 Most Surprising Things About Airport Security

Here are 10 surprising things about Airport Security.

Although passing through airport security guard service might be highly unpleasant, it’s vital to keep a cool head and a cheerful attitude when dealing with security. Otherwise, you might regret that snide remark or end up mugging the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

  • How To Properly Bring A Pet

Airports and pets are a conundrum in and of themselves. Taking that small pet through airport security, on the other hand, can be even more perplexing.

Many travelers, for example, are unaware that their pets are not subjected to x-ray screening. Instead, pets are taken out of their carriers and carried or walked through the scanner by their owners. The TSA may need to conduct further screenings before allowing them and their carriers to pass through the x-ray machine.

  • Best Shoes To Wear Through Airport Security

Yes, shoes are part of a traveler’s attire, but they are the most likely to slow down an airport security screening. As a result, the finest shoes for airport security have their own section in this article. Unless the tourist is under the age of 12 or above 75, they must be removed.

Slip-on shoes are the best to wear. There is no need to loosen the shoelaces, and they can be readily re-tied. Also, avoid wearing metallic shoes. If a traveler must wear lace-up shoes, steer clear of those that go all the way up the ankle. Otherwise, there will be evidence of dissatisfaction later on.

  • Large Electronics Have To Be Checked Too

We live in a technologically driven society. As a result, it’s reasonable that most passengers would bring more electronics in their carry-on luggage than simply their cell phones. Don’t be concerned! Laptops, readers, and tablets can all be kept by travelers.

However, everything larger than a cellphone, according to the news, must be removed and placed in its own bin.

This may appear to be an easy procedure, but that is just before the traveler arrives at the checkpoint. They’ve realized they need to disentangle all of those tangled connections. It’s best to maintain everything neat and tidy these days!

  • What Is SSSS?

When they see SSSS on their boarding pass, some passengers know exactly what it means. It’s not the kind of raffle you want to be chosen for, believe me. Secondary Security Screening Selection (SSSS) refers to the winner receiving additional security screening.

If a passenger is given the SSSS, they will be patted down, their belongings swabbed for explosives, questioned further, and maybe subjected to a full-body search. This is also required at every stop. Again, a passenger does not wish to win this lottery.

  • Sharp Items That Are/Aren’t Allowed

There are a surprising number of sharp things allowed in checked bags, but only a few can make it through airport security in carry-on luggage. Anything that could be considered a weapon, such as throwing stars, swords, or any form of knife, is obviously prohibited.

They can, however, be checked in. Tweezers, sewing needles, nail clippers, pencil sharpeners, crochet hooks, knitting needles, disposable razors, and even scissors can be carried as long as they are less than 4 inches long. Sorry, but all meat cleavers, box cutters, and saws will need to be checked as well.

  • Don’t Try To Sneak Anything Past TSA

Is it possible for the TSA to catch everything? The TSA is human, and they have failed tests. Indeed, some visitors have gotten away with stuff and gloat about it later, but this does not guarantee that it will work every time. It’s far better not to try to smuggle anything past airport security, no matter how small.

A film crew tried to get a fake bomb past the agents in January of this year, and seven persons were arrested. At the very least, they were attempting to determine whether or not they would be discovered. A legitimate passenger, on the other hand, would be delayed, if not arrested.

  • Extra Liquids Are Allowed For Babies

Most people find babies adorable and irresistible. This appears to apply to the TSA as well. The 3-1-1 liquids rule is broken by babies and their parents. Over the 3.4 ounces, 1-quart bag limit, formula, natural milk from the baby’s mother, and juice are all permitted. 

Even if the baby isn’t on board, this exemption applies. All lone, single flyers, on the other hand, should be unconcerned. This exception is actually quite reasonable. Especially if you have a baby with you, because let’s face it, an unhappy baby who isn’t getting their liquids isn’t nearly as cute as one who is properly fed.

  • TSA Will Save Frequent Flyers A Lot Of Time

Are there any frequent flyers in the vicinity? If that’s the case, here’s everything a traveler needs to know about airport security. Low-risk travelers can enroll in the TSA Preprogrammed, which can save them a lot of time during airport screening processes.

Travelers who enlist are not required to remove their shoes, belts, laptops, beverages, or light jackets.

Furthermore, registering is simple. Simply complete the online application, set up an appointment, and show up for a background check. Furthermore, it only costs $85 for 5 years of expedited airport security.

  • It Is Possible To Keep Prohibited Items

Most passengers are unaware that there are a few options for keeping forbidden items confiscated by TSA. Let’s assume a traveler came across a lava lamp or one of those fancy swords in a gift shop and decided they wanted to keep it. They do have alternatives!

In fact, several airports feature a mail center where passengers can send items home if they have the time. Another alternative is to give it to a non-flying friend or family member. Finally, but certainly not least, they can inspect it for a price. In any case, there are likely a lot of fliers who wish they’d known before their belongings showed up on the TSA’s social media page.


These unexpected facts regarding airport security, in my opinion, have broadened your knowledge. So, fly safely and pass this knowledge on to others.

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