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How Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha Is Benefical For You

Significance of Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha with the Eleven Mukhi represents Shiva (Eleven Rudras), Lord Hanuman. By wearing this Rudraksha, devotees are linked to Harihara, God Shiva 

This Certified Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by the lord Hanuma, and it carries the blessings of both Lord Ram and Hanuman. 

The ancient texts state that wearing this bead lets one obtain the fruit immediately after donating 100 cows. Wearing this bead facilitates deep meditation and yoga practice. Eleven face Rudraksha provides extreme self-control and helps prevent addictions of all kinds. Indra also rules this rudraksha. With its positivity and blessings, it is capable of removing all sorts of Vastu Doshas.

Importance of 11 Mukhi Rudraksha

Having this powerful Rudraksha around the devotee increases his or her strength, wisdom, and health, and prevents any illness from touching them.

  • These 11 Mukhi Rudrakshas are associated with the god Indra, the King of the Gods.
  • A Rudraksha blessed by Indra brings bliss to people who worship him, making them happy. Wearers don’t have to worry about sudden death or theft ever again.
  • The Eleven Mukhi rudraksha is a symbol of our Lord Shiva’s positive energies, as well as the strength and wisdom of Lord Hanuman.
  • In this case, Lord Hanuman is associated with the Rudraksha as it represents the 11th Rudra. The Rudraksha of 11 Mukhi should be accompanied by the Rudraksha of 13 Mukhi and the Rudraksha of 16 Mukhi.

Health Benefits Of Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha

  • The Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha can relieve asthmatic symptoms and other respiratory disorders when worn by a wearer.
  • If you are someone facing issues of low immunity and thyroid issues, then this 11 Mukhi rudraksha is a complete boon for you.
  • When 11 Mukhi Rudraksha is worn, bronchitis and fever are cured
  • People suffering from respiratory issues and asthma problems are advised to wear this miraculous 11 Mukhi rudraksha.

How To Wear Eleven Faced Rudraksha?

Wear an eleven-faced rudraksha on Thursday following the auspicious time. Here is how to do it before wearing the bead.

  • Rudraksha with eleven faces must be worn on Thursday after being washed with Gangajal.
  • Rudraksha should be placed in a vessel made from copper along with peepal leaves once it has been cleaned.
  • The next step is to decorate your rudraksha with blooming flowers and apply a thick paste of sandalwood powder to it. This is a very important step of your puja.
  • You should place a lamp or Diya lit with ghee beside the vessel.
  • An individual can wear it in a yellow soft silk thread.

The beads can also be arranged as a pendant or bracelet according to your astrologer or pundit.

Best Quality Rudraksha From Rudraksha Life

If you are planning to open your doors of spirituality, then Rudraksha life presents you with the original and Lab Tested 11 Face Rudraksha.

Buying a Rudraksha that fulfills one’s spiritual goals is very significant. To purchase a pure eleven Mukhi Rudraksha online, it must feature clear or deeply etched lines from the top to the bottom. To identify the original rudraksha, people should check its thorny look and well-shaped clefts, as they present the energies of eleven rudrakshas.


Wearing it around the neck or the head is believed to provide immediate results. The wearer of any rudraksha, which is blessed by Shiva and a part of him, is likely to be influenced by the qualities of Lord Shiva. The effects are far better when you purchase a certified original rudraksha In addition to absorbing the blessings of 11 gods, this powerful bead also has the capability of making life better and removing all problems

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