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Search marketing in the medical field

Before considering search marketing in the medical field, let’s deal with the original concept.

SEM (Search engine marketing) is a set of actions (rather, a full-fledged strategy) aimed at increasing the traffic of an Internet resource. And this is not about an abstract winding up of the transition counter but about working with the target audience of a particular site. In the context of providing various goods and services, we are talking about attracting potential customers and buyers who can bring profit to the customer company.


There are some key advantages of this direction:

  • Attracting a potentially profitable clientele that needs to be “processed” less is already interested and set up to invest.
  • “Pumping” the site, improving its characteristics through SEO optimization. This applies to textual and visual content and technical aspects of the resource. In this case, SEO is a more comprehensive CEM strategy component.
  • Increase the friendliness of search engines to pages.
  • Improve conversion rates and direct sales. Such a medical field helps to attract high-quality, targeted traffic, directly affecting the commercial aspect.
  • Increase audience reach. The number of requests is growing, the target audience’s potential is growing, and with a clever strategy, such growth has practically no boundaries.
  • Formation of competitive advantages, and not a simple mechanical entry into the top of search results. her zaman sekse aç kızlar Esenyurt’tan Ukraynalı Partner Kadın Barbara | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. A whole range of reasons is being formed, and the choice will be made in favor of your resource.
  • Consolidation and development of brand positions. The longer a certain company stays at the top of the issue, the higher the recognition rate. Even if the link was not initially followed, the representative of the target audience saw the name and a short sentence, and on the second or third contact, he will still go.


Search marketing for the clinic is designed to solve several specific tasks:

  • sales promotion – the implementation of the services of a medical field, an office here and now;
  • attracting new clients;
  • creation of long-term channels to attract patients and increase the loyalty of existing ones;
  • Contributing to the formation of sustainable demand for a medical marketing agency.


A universal answer to the question “How to use search marketing in medicine?” does not exist.

Firstly, this is not a task that can be solved with “enough money.” Simply pouring the maximum amount of funds into all possible directions. You can pour it in, but this way, you will squeeze out the clinic’s budget without a noticeable result. A well-thought-out, adaptive strategy is key, which includes the following steps:

  • definition of specific goals for a medical field, with a numerical expression;
  • definition of the target audience, its segmentation, and typical profiles of each segment;
  • identification of competitors in the healthcare sector, analysis of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • site audit (if any);
  • formulation of the unique offer of the medical field;
  • compiling a list of services with a specific description for each;
  • reputation analysis (both the entire clinic and individual doctors);
  • localization of promotion geography;
  • choice of promotion channels;
  • preparation of sales plans;
  • Calculation of KPI for all advertising channels.

Secondly, a huge number of technologies and tools are involved:

  • analytics covering many areas (market niche of a particular center or individual specialist);
  • complex technical audit of the resource;
  • internal and external content marketing;
  • SEO optimization in all its diversity;
  • search promotion;
  • contextual advertising.

The main focus of SEM is SEO for medical services and contextual advertising.


The cornerstone of the relationship between our site and search engines. Here are the main directions in this area:

  • identification of criteria that have the most significant impact on the ranking of a particular resource;
  • close work with all aspects of the site that affect the previous paragraph;
  • creation of a relevant thematic core, the thematic grouping of words, and appropriate redistribution of the resource structure;
  • work with usability based on the consideration of behavioral factors;
  • continuous maintenance of statistics on transitions from search engines, on the actions of visitors on the pages of the site;
  • analysis of the mentioned statistics with subsequent adjustment of the strategy.

Contextual advertising

A more highly specialized but less important tool starts working immediately after launch.

This works with the so-called. “hot demand” – a marketing policy aimed at people who are actively looking for specific services. her zaman sekse aç kızlar Esenyurt’un Balık Etli Partner Kadın’ı Nazlı | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Very effective – subject to constant adjustment of the content of the advertising campaign, tracking performance, and timely shutdown of unprofitable directions.

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