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Nag Tibba Trek

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About Nag Tibba Trek

Perfect for anyone who’s staying in and around Delhi. Nag Tibba Trek is an easy journey of only 2days with 4- 5kms of royal trekking. Although an easy journey, this touring trail takes you to an applaudable height of ft above ocean position, offering you marvelous views of several mountain ranges and peaks like Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, and Srikanth, Kala Nag or theBlack Peak, Kedarnath, Chanabang and numerous further.

Part of the lower Himalayas, the Nag Tibba is a part of the Nag Tibba range. The loftiest peak in the lower Himalayas of the Garhwal region. With its name meaning the ‘ Serpent’s Peak ’, Nag Tibba is the loftiest of all its girding peaks near it, furnishing an unchecked 360- degree view of the colossal mountains

Nag Tibba a perfect beginners trek

  • Connectivity and the Beauty en route

Nag Tibba’s journey is ideal for a first-time mountaineer in every way. With just being around 355 km of distance from Delhi. This journey serves as a journey that anyone can choose as a break from the rush of megacity life or a break from the diurnal routine, to have a change in life on the weekend’s journey starts from Dehradun with Pantwari as its base camp. With Dehradun being so well connected, and Pantwari too being accessible through duly well maintained motorable roads.

  • Duration

The Nag Tibba journey is favored by all and is a perfect weekend journey for newcomers. On the first day, you start your day with a 254 km drive from Dehradun to Pantwari, which is 5- 6 hours. Your journey on this day will be 4 km to the campground of Nag Tibba Temple.

On an alternate day, your journey starts from Nag Tibba Temple to Nag Tibba Summit and also a gradational descent to Pantwari Village. Your journey, therefore, concludes with a drive to Dehradun.

  • Great Terrain

Having a gentle grade through the thick timbers, mooching meadows, and occasional undulating terrain; the Nag Tibba journey is perfect for a freshman or someone without any previous experience. The journey route provides ample snow cover in the layoffs, and the trail looks beautiful with the trails and the tree leaves being covered in snow. While, in summers, you’ll find wildflowers blooming on your journey trail, with the foliage being bright and vibrant green.

  • A complete Himalayan trek

A Himalayan timber journey with a cornucopia of snow and geography is what it is- The Nag Tibba journey. Indeed though the Nag Tibba journey is known as a newcomers journey. The features of the journey are astounding in every way. This journey provides an experience of the original societies of the Himalayan townlets, journey trails that goes through the coniferous timbers, fresh mountain snow and snowfall in the layoffs, occasional rocky terrain, a gentle rise with a steady ascent to the peak with a beautiful view of the lower Himalayas at a height of ft above ocean position and a lovely campground in a clearing at the edge of the timber under the starlit sky. All this makes Nag Tibba an easy yet complete Himalayan journey.

  • Camping in the forest

still, the graphic campground is not far behind in the list, If the peak is the main magnet of the journey. With a beautiful Nag Tibba Temple campground at the edge of the timber, the journey experience feels all the more awful. Our platoon provides excellent, well-maintained canopies that make your camping experience memorable. Nag Tibba Temple campground is known for the beautiful evenings one can see from then. The range of changing tinges as the sun sets behind the horizon is bound to make you speechless. 

  • The view from the summit

In any mountain journey, the peak remains the main magnet of the journey. It is no different in the case of the Nag Tibba journey. Rather, it’s relatively unique and special for the panoramic view it offers from the Nag Tibba Summit. 

From the peak, you get splendid views of other mountain ranges. Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Srikanth, Kala Nag or theBlack Peak, Kedarnath, Chanabang, and Gangotri group of peaks along with the mesmerizing view of the Doon vale encompasses and fills up your horizon once you make the peak rise

  • Round the year trek

Nag Tibba Trek in the downtime season, anticipate snowfall. This means fresh snow covering up your trail, and as you walk up the mountain, you can feel the snow crunch under your bases. The Nag Tibba journey route rather looks indeed more beautiful when snow-covered, and the snowfall at such an altitude creates a serene air that bone remains mesmerized by. 

 Nag Tibba Trek in the summer seasons, the scene is relatively different. It’s beautiful in every way as the trail is covered with bright colors of wildflowers and rhododendron flowers that blossom during this time. Therefore, the journey has its unique flavor in different seasons around the time, making it one of those journeys which you would love to readdress again. In the summer season, the cool breath of the mountain and the shade of the timbers make the rise to the top an affable one, making this journey a quick escape from the summer heat of the metropolises. 

 Although touring isn’t judicious in the thunderstorm season as with the rains the soil gets lost, and mountains come prone to landslides. Nag Tibba’s beauty is hard to remain unnoticed, as the rain seems to add new life to foliage and fauna. 

  • A trek and summit climb with Basic fitness

Nag Tibba is a relatively very easy trek with short trekking for only two days. You do not need extensive preparations or a fitness routine before the trek. People with a fit body and an active lifestyle can easily opt for the trek as a short and quick escape and a spontaneous weekend getaway.

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