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Lawn Collection 2022 | Printed Lawn Suits Collection

Lawn Collection

With the summer season remaining at a high presence in Pakistan, there is no doubt that clothing brands focus on bringing summer-friendly articles. Moreover, every brand focuses on selling more articles especially since the Eid festivities now come within this season.

And with the second Eid festivity coming closer, people wish to head over to their favorite outlets to grab some designs. However, before you head out to shop for certain articles, we will be giving you a great response regarding different clothing brands operating nearby. Shop for all the exclusive collections below through Raja Sahib.

1. Limelight

Being a top clothing brand in Pakistan, this great clothing option leaves you with stunning designs and prints. In essence to the vibrant colors on offer, their printed range is magnificent. In addition, you can shop for several high-profile events and gatherings likewise.

Prices also remain friendly, with only a few articles reaching a maximum of around 10 thousand. Whereas, all others lie in the average category but not the normal ones. Currently, Limelight is offering summer and Eid outfits carrying great prints and designs alongside vibrancy.

2. Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is the top trending clothing outlet in Pakistan, and everything it touches becomes magnificent. Be it ready-to-wear options or everyday clothing options, Gul Ahmed is rocking the clothing market significantly. Moreover, you can shop and enjoy designs and prints that remain full of luxuriousness.


You will find outfit styles rich in prints and embroidery. Moreover, almost all clothing options especially for Eid include high-quality prints. Thus, shopping with Gul Ahmed even for your regular summer outfit can fit for upcoming events.

3. Elan

Another top clothing brand offering iconic designs is Elan. Elan is not a popular brand when it comes to clothing. However, with their vibrant and eye-catching designs, you can find a great outfit for your events. Options remain when you find the categories such as Eid, embroidery, and print categories that carry favorable listings.

One thing you will observe while window shopping is elegance in the designs. Nothing seems out of the box or more than what you ask. Along with decent price tags, there is an opportunity for all.

4. Maria B.

A great name in the clothing industry in Pakistan, Maria B. remains a great option for shopping for festive and regular dresses. Maira B. is a name when it comes to options such as shopping for unstitched fabrics for upcoming events.

In addition, you will find luxuries such as prints that remain vibrant in colors and iconic in styles. The western look is also applied to eastern outfit styles in offering a difference to users. Currently, the brand is offering sales among its new arrivals. Hence, you can shop for Eid options beforehand at a low cost.

5. Ethnic

Outfitters has launched Ethnic making them a place for eastern dresses with a western outlook. Elegance and vibrancy remain of a higher interest here since people enjoy shopping for modern designs and prints.

There is no worry since categories remain iconic and splendid. Embroidery options are included in every outfit style, and you can shop through a budgeted section. In essence, a daily wearing category is also present to promote more buyers.

To get the mesmerizing summer lawn collection of all these brands and more, visit Raja Sahib is a huge name in the industry that has been serving since 50+ years and provide world class products. It is a one stop shop where you can get anything you like just by one click. The products are original and also have return policies with various terms and conditions.

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