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How To Use Facebook Shops To Sell Your Products Online

Facebook page stores and Instagram profile stores have long existed but recent revisions mark significant changes affecting small and medium enterprises (SMBs). Historically, Facebook stores were targeted at online retail stores but now Facebook plans to expand its services-based business tools and digital products. A major change is the construction of an end-to-end commercial ecosystem. Facebook Store forums provide tools for graphic designing companies for advertising, marketing, conversions, customer support, and more. SMBs can be completely native and set up the full online shopping experience at Facebook Shops.

In addition, Facebook has made a strategic decision to continue collaborating and expanding partnerships with eCommerce tools for third parties such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. This is good news for you.

Now let’s take a look at five key features of the latest Facebook Shops :

The presence of a single integrated store for the entire Facebook family of apps and services: These include Facebook, Instagram News, ads, and coming soon, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

  • Feeling a seamless payment: Facebook keeps a user’s credit card upon purchase.
  • Real-time shopping on Facebook and Instagram Live: This feature alone has great potential. Imagine QVC or Home Shopping Network merging with Facebook and Instagram Live.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Facebook will automatically detect and tag your products in photos. People will be able to link to product photos on Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • Augmented reality (AR): Let your audience try out things like sunglasses, lipstick, and makeup, or use their mobile device to preview real-world objects. This feature will help increase SMB conversion.

If you already have a store on Facebook or Instagram, your store will automatically update to the new Facebook Shops. You will receive a notification or email or both on Facebook. If you do not already have a store, keep reading to learn how to set up your own business.

Step 01 – Go to your Facebook page and set up a Shop page

Log in to your Facebook business page, and you’ll need to have administrative rights. When you log in as a manager, your Facebook Shop page will appear. Although your customers may not see this separately, you will. You will see a Buy tab on your left, click that to start the process.

Step 02 – Set your store details

If you select the Buy tab you will be shown a hijacker. It will define the setup process you will go through. Once you have read it carefully, click on ‘Start’. Now you will find a series of criminals, each of whom will ask you to fill in some details related to your business. This includes the type of business, the business address, the state in which your business is located, and your tax registration number. After each pop-up is completed click ‘Next’ to proceed with the setup. An example of a pop-up is shown below.

Step 03 – Prepare your payment details

Based on your country of origin, the Facebook Store will provide you with a specific set of options. You can choose to use the details of your bank account, PayPal or Stripe.

Step 04 – Add your products to your Facebook Store

Facebook will always encourage you to add your products first. You can do this easily by clicking the ‘Add Product’ button. Once that is done, you will be given other options to fill in, but it will also vary depending on the country you are working in. You must add your product photos and videos. The minimum required can be a single image. You can click the ‘Add Photos’ option to upload your photos. Word definition segments should be completed based on how you want your customers to see your products.

Step 05 – Manage your orders

Order management is not yet a feature in stores around the world. However, it is available in the US and a few other places. To find out if you have this feature or not, go to Publish Tools from the main menu. After you click on it, you will be able to manage your orders, check all their individual details, contact customers and see their details and finally complete your order.

What’s Next?

Setting up your Facebook store is the first step. Now how do you find your products and market them? Yes, you can do that automatically on Facebook and Instagram with the help of the graphic designing company. Instagram has a dedicated shopping tab and stores have a destination on the Explore page. You can also share your link in your store without Facebook and Instagram.

Yes, you can also navigate the paid route with ads. Facebook lets you direct them directly to Catalog Manager. You can create traffic ads or dynamic ads by pixel on your website, or promote collections with an in-store ad or checkbook. There are many options for getting more customers in paid ways.

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