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How To Select A Great Suit For Any Occasion

Things To Know Before You Buy Your Suit

Buying a suit requires lots of considerations. Occasion, fabrics, shades, trends, and many other factors matters. The suit is an essential garment in every man’s wardrobe. From a strictly black-tie event to a friend’s wedding and corporate meeting, suits are at the forefront. Buying a suit is also a matter of good investment and hence you need to be careful. A thoughtful selection will give complete sartorial satisfaction for a long time. Even if you are going to a tailor in Adelaide for suits, these tips will contribute a lot.

Gone are the days when suits were either black or midnight blue. The trendsetting spirit of modern men knows how to break the fashion rules. Yet again, the basic etiquettes of dressing appropriately are important. After all, you do not want to look out of the place with everyone else dressed properly. These little but important tips will help you to select your suit, Adelaide.

Tips To Choose A Versatile Suit For Different Moods

Here are some top tips that will help you to buy a great suit.

1. Why Do You Need A Suit:

A suit is not just about style and fabric but about also the mood of the event. Much depends upon the occasion and your expectations. Is your need inspired by any upcoming occasion? Or do you want a suit for the workplace? How often are you going to wear it and to which places? In short, select a suit that fits the set-ups in which you will be wearing it. Do not forget to discuss your purpose, event, and expectations with your tailor. After all, you do not want to look awkward with striped and bold contrasts at a strictly formal place.

2. Befitting Fabric:

Fabric quality counts a lot when you are choosing a suit. Different fabrics require a different level of care. Think about the breathability, softness, durability, maintenance factory, and cost of every different suit fabric.

Popular fabrics for suits-

Wool – This breathable fabric is available in many varieties like merino, flannel, cashmere, and tweed. Super wool suits are the toughest quality and require great care. Gives you a lighter weave defined by the number. The higher is the number, the lighter is the weave, and the more pricey it is.

Cotton – We all know cotton as a highly breathable fabric suitable for summer. The fabric is reliable and especially if you are looking for affordable suits for the warmer season. But it may get creased with time.

Linen – A linen suit is great for a wedding only if it is a beach wedding! This is an ideal choice if you want to wear your suit to be a lightweight outfit for a casual fashion. The only downside is that it gets creased very soon.

Silk – If you have a good budget and want to look extremely lavish, silk suits are great. This ultra-smooth, shiny, and super light weighted is perfect to wear for all weathers. But it is expensive and suitable only for luxurious events like weddings.

3. The Best Suit Colour:

Yes, it is true. You cannot wear any suit color to every event. If you are buying a staple suit only to wear for formal events, go for formal suit colors. They are black, navy blue, and charcoal gray. But do not think black is the only formal suit color. Even the navy blue goes for all formal events.  Simultaneously, your skin tone and personality also count.

People today are also wearing white suits, burgundy, wine-colored suits, and green ones. But you need to be careful about the bold suit colors. Unless you are wearing them casually or as per the theme demands, avoid bold colors initially. The most popular formal suits are black, navy blue, and gray. Navy blue and charcoal grey shades fit any occasion.

4. Choose Fit Over Fashion:

No suit is perfect unless it fits you correctly. Bespoke suits created by men’s tailor Adelaide are always best if you want a perfect fit for yourself. Fashion trends keep on changing with time and regions. If you are looking for a suit that you can wear for a long time at different places, it is better to break some fashion rules in a smart way. Hence, keep your suit cool and trendy in a way that you can wear it for strictly formal as well as less formal events. There is no point in buying a luxurious high-priced off the rack suit that needs adjustments. It would be better to invest in custom-tailored suits that will give you the right fit. An expert bespoke tailor will make sure that every detail including jacket shoulder, lapel, sleeve length, trouser fit, trouser length, neck, lapels, and vents is flawless. Whether you buy a single-breasted suit or a double-breasted suit, never compromise on getting a perfect fit.

5. Do Not Overlook Accessories:

When you are wearing a suit, even a single detail like a small accessory can make a big difference. Think about befitting buttons, belts, cufflinks, shoes, and ties. Especially when you are getting a wedding suit, you can elevate your overall look with the right accessories. If you have bought a simple suit, you can change the getup with stylish accessories. Especially ties help you to express your style. They are available in solid shades, mild patterns, and geometric patterns. The right choice of shirts, buttons, ties, and shoes can make your suits more stylish and flexible. A classic white or off-white shirt with a patterned or straight color tie can help you make a style statement.

We hope when you buy your next suit, you will ensure that your investment is a smart one. If you are lucky enough to find a reliable bespoke tailor, chances are very few to go wrong. Good tailors also act as stylists and fashion consultants. They will recommend you best styling tips and suggest you the best patterns, fabrics, and shades to suit your needs. But make sure that you discuss your expectations with your tailor. Also, invest some time to find the best tailor Adelaide has to offer.

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