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How to improve your blog ranking without spending on hardcore SEO?

Learn about actionable ways to rank your blog without SEO

One of the best ways to enhance the ranking, reputation and revenue potential of your blog is to start smart SEO strategies. That said, SEO takes a pretty long time when done organically. So, if you think that you don’t have that much patience or need quicker outcome with less guesswork then you can go for non-SEO substitutes. Here are a few things to consider for gaining ranking improvement without SEO:

Content marketing 

Content marketing is one of the best ways to expand the visibility and reputation of your blog. This strategy revolves around the high quality content that you strategically publish and spread on different platforms to gain maximum visibility.

This strategy includes content in various different formats like informative blog materials, high quality informatics, well produced and You Tube videos with right promotion, white papers, PDF and eBooks.

The idea is to create content of very high quality and multiply its visibility across different platforms. This high quality content acts as an anchor to hook the attention of the audiences and bring them to your site. As this entire strategy revolves around the quality of content it is considered as the best way to organically expand the reach and impact of your blogging site.

Use a variety of formats

One thing t keep in mind is that it is quite easier to impress the audiences by serving them a wide variety of content formats. So, instead of just focusing on textual content you can experiment with diverse range of formats like info graphics, videos, and even pod casts. An abundant variety delivers the message that there’s lot to explore and thus keep the visitors engaged for longer while intensifying their experience and creating opportunities for active interaction.

Use social media ads

Now as we already mentioned that he quality plays the value role in content meeting. It simply means that you should be prepared to hire excellent writers. They know their worth and charge accordingly. SO, if your modest budget doesn’t allow you to spend hefty dollars on expensive writers, then you can opt for paid ads.

Apart from being more expensive the content marketing also takes longer time to show the tangible results. We cannot term it as a minus point as the sustainable and deep rooted results of content marketing make it worth the dollars and weeks/months it demands. However, for businesses short of money or time the paid ads can be the next best t option to consider. Social media ads are much cheaper and more targeted. Besides, you have complete control over your advertising budget and easily predict the ad dollars it would require to create some impact on your audiences.

With right strategies and choosing right demographics you can expect a good click rate which translates to better visibility, and thus higher chances of conversion. Unlike content marketing you don’t have to spend high amount or wait for weeks together to realize the outcome. Just set your budget, create appealing ad and select right demographics for the audiences that you want to reach. You will realize the outcome as soon as your ad goes live.


Attracting right traffic to your blog makes it much easier for you to gain better conversion rate. One of the best ways to do this is to follow a series of different exercises like content marketing and social media. In this blog we mentioned some such exercises that can help you rejuvenate your mind, body and…of course the Blog.

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