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How to choose the perfect cake for online cake order in Ahmedabad

Are you planning to surprise your friend or loved one with a delicious-looking cake on their birthday? then doing so through online cake order in Ahmedabad might be the ideal choice for you. The first thing that pops into our mind when celebrating someone’s birthday is cake. Choosing the perfect cake to cut on such an auspicious occasion needs some consideration.

Everyone at the birthday party looks forward to having the cake, but they might have different opinions. However, the choice of the person whose birthday is meant to be celebrated needs to be considered first.

Although choosing the perfect cake might be tricky if you do it for the first time. That is why, here in this article, we have put together a list of things that, if followed to the point, might deliver you the perfect results.

When selecting the perfect cake to be cut, the birthday party size becomes one of the most significant factors. The first step towards choosing the perfect cake size would be checking the number of people attending the event. After checking the guest list order a large cake if you see many people coming to the party.

However, buy a small one if you want the birthday occasion to be a little intimate. Along with the size, you should also cut the cake into equal pieces. Suppose you cut the cake into big pieces; although it is small, some people may not get their portion. You wouldn’t want your guests to go home empty-hearted, so choose the perfect cake size.

  • Flavor and taste

If you have decided on the cake size, the next step would be choosing the flavor. You can buy many flavored cakes from IndiaCakes through online cake order in Ahmedabad. Unique flavors like strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, caramel, and vanilla are just the gist of it.

What better way of choosing the perfect flavor for the birthday cake than asking the particular person about it? Knowing the flavor beforehand will allow you to order the perfect cake from IndiaCakes. However, if you don’t do so and order a cake that is different flavored to what the birthday person likes, it might go to waste. Even if they don’t throw off the cake, it might result in a dull face instead of a smiling one.

  • Design

Once you are done selecting the cake’s size and flavor of the cake now would be the time to choose the design. As the cake takes center stage at the birthday party, it might not stand out if you don’t select a unique design. Try to know the style and preference of the person whose birthday you want to celebrate if they want to match the birthday cake design with their outfit for the occasion.

If they want a simple and aesthetic design that is an intricately made. Asking about the hobbies of enthusiasts might be a great option to include in the cake. One of the most designs would be uniquely righting the person’s name and adding some candles to blow with it.

  • Storing

The last step towards choosing the perfect cake for the birthday party would be keeping a close eye on the storage aspect of it. Suppose you are looking to online cake order in Gujarat, then knowing about their storage and delivery facilities would help you immensely. For instance, ensure that the cake shop has adequate containers if you want to order an ice cream cake.

You don’t want to be in a situation where the cake of your choosing arrives in a disgruntled way, and everything will go in vain. Ask the delivery man who will deliver the cake to your location to handle it with utmost care. They deliver the cake at the right time without taking much time on the road.


Make the birthday occasion of your loved one a special day to remember by gifting them the cake of their dreams if you choose to follow specific directions that are mentioned in the above article. Then, hopefully, you can order the perfect cake for your birthday to make it more memorable for others. 

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