The benefit of digital signage

My first experience with digital signage was through a projector screen with a slideshow.

I worked in an office for a few months a few years ago and I can testify to the fact that it was incredibly boring. Every day was the same — I would come in from the freezing cold outside, and sit at my desk pretending to work, but really just watching the clock tick. After a few weeks, I had to leave and work outside, because I was too bored to stand it anymore. As soon as I left, I could smell the fresh air and get excited to go to

My wife and I are very interested in digital signage, which is a new way of displaying information. We are currently working on our own digital wall screen system and are very interested in promoting this project.


Digital signage increases the effectiveness of advertising by offering the flexibility of using digital signage networks as a more cost-effective means of promoting products and brands than traditional advertising methods such as newspapers, radio, and television.

Advantages to using digital media for marketing. The internet is not just a place. It is a medium. It is also a powerful tool that will help to grow your business and reach more people.


I like the convenience of the digital menu boards and I use it for marketing purposes. I set up messages and promotions that display on the computer screens at all times.

With digital signage, all customers are free to help themselves. They can find the information they need, and they can also help themselves by offering their own suggestions.

It helps our customers to self-serve, by providing them with a website where they can add items to their cart and checkout with just a few clicks.

The world of modern technology is so fast-paced that it’s hard to keep up with. The advancement of technology has made the world a much smaller place, and today, your customers are just a few clicks away.


The ability to change your website from simple text to visually stunning graphics has been the holy grail for web design for years, but just recently has become reality.

“We’re excited to explore ways to create meaningful, lasting change in the teaching and learning landscape.  This is just the beginning.” Dr. Billie Chaves, Principal of the International School for Leadership, Innovation and Technology Education (ISLITE) in Orlando, FL.


Digital signage helps visitors remember what they saw last time; more and more places do this.

In a recent study of pedestrians in downtown Sydney, Australia, researchers from the University of Technology, Sydney, found that those who wore armbands with a message on them received more than twice as many questions from passersby.


Digital signage may help you increase employee attendance and retention. There are multiple studies that support this fact. For example, a study at the University of Florida found that for every ten-minute addition to the daily sign schedule, employees were more likely to arrive at work on time. The study found that if the employees were aware of the time that the sign was displayed, there was a significant increase in the likelihood that they would arrive to work on time.

Signage is an effective reminder for users. Signage is more effective than other forms of reminders because it is permanent and is not easily ignored.

Research has shown that students that are better able to recall information are more apt to learn and have greater retention of information. In an effort to enhance the learning process, universities and colleges began offering students and faculty the use of digital signage.

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