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8 Great Tips For Pet Care During Extreme Heat

Summer is indeed the best season to stay outdoors. But when it’s going to be extremely hot, you need to be extra careful with your pets. Heat waves can not just affect humans but also our beloved pets and all animals. Hence sharing here the best tips to help your dogs, cats, and small pets in the heat.

In the times when scorching heat waves are becoming a norm, it is good to stay prepared. Pet parents may have a hard time dealing with heat. But certain precautions can help owners protect their pets and livestock amidst extreme heat.

1. Keep Your Pet Indoors & Adjust Walks

Keep your pets indoors during noon time with an AC or cool fan ankara bayan escort turned on and abundant water. Take them for walks in the early mornings and late evenings. Let them walk on the cooler surfaces. You can shift their habitats from outdoors to indoors in the summers to keep them cool.

2. Do The Tarmac Test

Hold the back of your hand on the pavement. If you can’t comfortably hold your hands for a minimum of 5 seconds, then it’s too hot to walk your pets on the road.

3. Provide Plenty of Water and Shade

Make sure to keep your dogs and other pets hydrated. Give them easy access to fresh water and cooler rooms. Moving water like a small fountain can be more appealing.

4. Reduce The Exercise Time

Do not overexert your pets with exercise during extreme heat. This will prevent heat strokes. Also, it reduces the walking time. For the short snout breeds like pugs, pit bulls, and bulldogs, even the morning walks can be too hot.

5. Do Not Ignore The Signs Of Heat Stroke

If you think your pet is hit by a heat stroke, call your vet and also pour cold water all over. Some of the signs of heat stroke are excessive panting, excessive lethargy, drooling, and pale and sticky gums. Also, check if you see glazed eyes and a rapid pulse.

6. Go For A Pet Pool

Get a small pool for your pet to cool down occasionally. It’s a great low-maintenance option for your dog even if your dog is not a good swimmer. Keep safe water levels for your pet.

7. Do Not Leave Them In Cars

It is never good to leave your pet in parked cars even if the day seems cool to you. The car can heat up soon and pets may suffer heat stroke or suffocation.

8. Summer Pet Products Can Help

Check your pet supplies stores for summer dog products. Cooling mats, cooling kızılay escort bandanas, and cooling dog bowls are some of the top summer pet products. These will help you keep your pets comfortably cool. Like Hugs Chilly Mats are great for all dogs and you can simply place these mats on the floor on your dog’s bed.

As the mercury soars up, be a little more concerned about your pets. With little extra care, you can enjoy great summers with your pets.


Best tips to take care of your pets in hot weather are shared here for helping pet parents. How you can prevent the adverse effects of extreme heat on your dogs.

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