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6 Revision Ideas for the 11 Plus Over Summer Break

The 11 Plus revision requires focusing on your study skills. The best time to prepare for them is during the summer holiday. During the summer holidays, children have a lot of time to enjoy the sun and relax. For your child to secure a grammar school place next term, some 11+ preparation is necessary.

Every parent desires to see their child taking the entrance exam to get into the best grammar schools. Therefore, admission to grammar school is a bright future for their child. However, many students find FMaths hard. Therefore, getting help for pupils who have trouble preparing for the exam and Maths. is a good idea. For such pupils, 11 Plus Tuition in Barnet, High Wycombe, Bradford and across the UK can assist them. 

Hence, to achieve your academic goal of getting into a grammar school, 11 Plus revisions are necessary. Therefore, the summer holidays are the best time to work on it. Once September arrives, returning to school can be more frustrating. 

However, even the most diligent pupils need some time to unwind and will become weary of repeating the same things. So, finding the balance between studies and leisure time is vital. Mixing up studying styles will help your child retain more information.

11 Plus Revision Strategies That You Cannot Afford To Miss 

Here are six revision strategies to build a variety-oriented 11 Plus preparation plan.

1. Take Guidance From Practice Papers and Organise Group Sessions

Primary school students often have little experience with exam conditions, so practice papers are a great way to prepare for them. By knowing that they can take a break once the task is completed, they can concentrate on the task and manage their time more effectively.

Everyone loves a good party. Students can share ideas and improve their knowledge through group study sessions as they learn from each other. The pupils can arrange study sessions via chat. 

2. Make 11 Plus Revision Schedule

To prepare for the exam, you need a solid study planner. Also, it is much easier to approach revision when it is broken down into more manageable chunks.

You’ll have a better idea of the task ahead once you get everything down on paper or screen. If you plan your revision schedule well in advance, you will be able to maintain a healthy balance between your study and your personal life.

Has your mock test performance flagged some areas that need improvement? Is there a grade you need to achieve in certain subjects to progress? Plan a revision schedule that prioritises these.

3. Hire a Tutor

Tutoring is always an option when your child is struggling. However, finding a tutor this close to the exams may be challenging. You can find countless online resources that can assist you in finding a qualified tutor. Therefore, 11 Plus revision during the summer holidays is a great option. As the children will not feel the pressure close to the exam.

You should ensure your child gets a break this summer, regardless of their stage in their 11 plus preparation. If results dwindle or concentration wavers, you’d be better off letting your child regroup for a week or two. Ultimately, it will be worth it.

4. Adopt Positive Mindset for 11 Plus Revision

Many children will take their first formal test at the age of 11+, so helping them cope with nerves is essential. Discussing the 11+ at home is an integral part of this. Don’t speak negatively about it, and don’t refer to it as a ‘pass’ or a ‘failure’. 

Instead, focus on the 11+ as a chance for your child to show off their skills and knowledge. Practically, if your child feels nervous, get them to breathe slowly in and out and repeat this five times. By working hard, they will be better mentally prepared for the challenge. 

5. Cover Knowledge Gaps and Make Learning Fun

Explicit knowledge gaps may exist in children, especially in numbers and multi-sensory learning. Make sure you identify any knowledge gaps from the test environment so you can study those issues to develop your child’s skills. 

The problem may not manifest until there is time pressure. It is pretty normal. Tests under pressure will reveal their true weaknesses.

Study notes don’t have to be dull. Put a little creativity into them. A well-organised study note can facilitate learning. A bold, cohesive note, poster, and flashcards will also be valuable as time goes by.

Final Thoughts

Learning can be fun. 11 Plus revision tips work well if you give your child time to relax and enjoy as well. You don’t need burnout. 11 Plus test pupils at different levels. Maths is the weakness of a lot of learners nowadays. Therefore, it needs your child’s special focus.  So, if your child is experiencing a hard time learning Maths the 11 Plus Maths Tuition Barnet, Wycombe and Manchester can help them achieve better results.

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