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6 Reasons Why Content Writers Are Important to Digital Marketing Agency

Writing articles and blog posts is an essential part of digital marketing, as they help you attract new customers to your business and convert them into paying clients over time. While it may seem like content writing just isn’t important enough to be included in the umbrella of digital marketing, there are actually many reasons why content writers are an important part of any digital marketing agency. In this article, we’ll look at six reasons why content writers are important to digital marketing agencies.

1) Digital marketing agencies are dependent on good writers

Just like businesses are dependent on digital marketing agencies. It is a cyclical relationship, but having good writers can make or break a business. This is why content writers have become one of the most important assets of an agency or website. If you’re reading these words, it means you have some kind of interest in writing, so read on and find out what makes good writers great in digital marketing agencies. You may just be surprised at how much your career could benefit from becoming a writer for digital marketing agencies. 

2) Content writers are mostly responsible for SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of digital marketing’s most important tasks. The success of an SEO campaign depends heavily on a site’s content and on how effectively it can communicate its subject matter to search engines. If a digital marketing agency doesn’t employ content writers, then it won’t be able to produce high-quality content that communicates well with search engines—meaning it will struggle in its SEO efforts. 

Content writers are often charged with writing meta descriptions for web pages as well as keywords for page titles and body copy. These details play an essential role in a website’s SEO ranking, so hiring a team of skilled content writers is critical for any digital marketing agency.

It isn’t enough to just hire good people: It takes more than hiring good people to build an effective team; you also need to make sure your employees have everything they need to do their jobs effectively.

3) Without great copy, your campaign will fall flat

A marketing campaign can be successful—but if it’s not, you have no one to blame but yourself. You could have picked a killer CTA, but if your copy isn’t up to par, your viewers are going to bounce. For that reason, in addition to a strong campaign concept and great design, you need someone with writing talent. In today’s content-rich world of digital marketing campaigns, companies rely on expert writers more than ever before. If you want to create an effective marketing campaign, don’t cut corners on your copy. Hire a professional writer! 

4) The author sets the tone for your site

In general, content writers come up with topic ideas for a website. This is particularly true for websites that rely on consumer-generated content. For example, if you hire a company like Reputation Defender to manage your reputation management and help you build backlinks from authority sites, then you’ll be assigned a team of content writers who will produce articles for your site. 

The quality of these articles can make or break your SEO campaign. If you have poorly written content on your site.  Then search engines won’t rank it as high because they know it won’t be relevant to their users. But if you have high-quality content that ranks well in search engines, then people will find it more easily when they search for related terms online. And in turn, those people are more likely to become customers and followers of yours. Which is what every business owner wants!

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5) Copywriters keep your brand consistent

Your customers should know what to expect from your brand. If you’re a software company, for example, you might have an in-house team of developers who build your product and an in-house team of copywriters who write all of your marketing copy. You can keep your tone consistent across both teams by having one person serve as head writer or editor. 

This way, when someone on either team has a question about how something should be written or how it fits into the overall voice of your brand, they can ask that person instead of asking everyone else involved with their project. In other words, hiring a great content writer is like hiring an expert guide: It keeps everyone on track so your message stays clear and concise.

6) Good writers help with conversions

Most clients want a digital marketing agency because they’re lacking customers. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that with no buyers, there are no sales. But without a good copy, it doesn’t matter how attractive your website is or how eye-catching your imagery is. Customers will never see it in their search results or on social media. 

Good writing sells products and services. If you’re not writing well, you can’t sell effectively—and if you can’t sell effectively, then what value do you bring? And if you can’t bring value, why should a client hire you? A good writer brings value. Period.

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