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5 Negative Effects of Video Games that Effects Students’ Lives

What negative effects do video games have on child development? This is an issue that has confused both parents and educators. Parents have been worried about the impact of video games on their children’s development for many years. Most parents believe that video games distract time away from other important activities, and there is concern over violent video games that encourage violent and antisocial activity in children. 

Meanwhile, academic professionals believe that video games might also harm the brain. Even the media criticizes violent video games for encouraging children to engage in violent and antisocial behavior. Many scientists and psychologists, however, believe that video games have some advantages, one of which is that they can make youngsters smarter.

5 Negative Effects 

Video games can be harmful to a child’s development. This is especially true when it comes to aspects of aggression, antisocial behavior, and an increase in violent thoughts and feelings. Here are the 5 negative effects of video games on students’ life which are based on dissertation service Uk.

  • It supports social isolation or antisocial behavior

Children who spend a lot of time playing video games may become socially isolated. They may devote less time to other activities such as sports, reading, homework, and even family interaction. These students usually seek for Phd Dissertation Proposal Help.

Researchers from North Carolina State University, New York, and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology discovered that online gaming does not replace, but rather expands, players’ offline social lives. Being a loner is not the norm among gamers. Therefore, video games can improve a child’s social life.

  • Children are encouraged to engage in violent behavior

According to Anderson and Bushman’s research, people who witness a lot of simulated violence, such as in video games, can become sensitive to it and become more likely to act violently themselves.

The American Psychological Association, or APA, also concludes that there is a significant link between violent game use and anger. However, they conclude that there is insufficient proof to support violent video games to criminal violence.

According to one Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher named Henry Jenkins, the popularity of games like Doom, Mortal Kombat, Death Race, and Grand Theft Auto relates to a lower risk of youth criminality. He believes that after the game is over, teenage players are able to leave the effects of the game behind.

There have been cases of violent teenagers committing violent crimes while spending a significant amount of time playing video games, especially those who are engaged in the Columbine and Newport killings.

The interactive nature of video games worsens the impact of violence on children. Most video games award youngsters for being more violent, thus the act of violence is repeated. The youngster leads to violence, like kicking, punching, shooting, and stabbing.

Active participation, in conjunction with repetition and rewards, is an effective way for developing such behaviors.

  • Discourages children from performing well in school

Studies suggest that the more time a child spends playing video games, the worse his or her academic performance is.

According to one study conducted by Argosy University’s Minnesota School of Professional Psychology, video game addicts have poorer grade point averages. They also spend a lot of time engaging in negative habits such as arguing and fighting with their professors.

According to other studies, some students postpone doing their homework in order to play video games. Some students even agree that their video game activities have an impact on their academic performance. 

Hence, moderation is essential in all aspects of life.

  • Exposure to False Values

Many video games on the market feature extreme violence, over-the-top sexuality, vulgarity, racism, and a lot of other stuff that children cannot understand correctly. They sometimes fail to take these depictions seriously and eventually end up seeking to replicate the activities shown in the games. Their brain architecture is still developing, and they will not be able to distinguish between right and wrong until they are introduced to the real world.

  • Lack of interest in other aspects of life

The world of video games takes over a student’s life to the point where friends and relatives become uninteresting. Neglecting other tasks such as engaging with peers, studying, and being disoriented frequently leads to poor academic achievement. Some children also fail to maintain basic hygiene, such as missing showers for days on end and spending a significant amount of time playing video games.

What can be done to mitigate the negative effects of video games?

Below are the ways to prevent the negative effects of video games.

  • Participate more in your child’s playing patterns

It’s a good idea for parents to be involved in their children’s playing habits. You don’t have to play with them, but you should be aware of what’s going on every time they log on.

Video games can expose your child to the numerous virtual risks that exist online, such as cyberbullying and child molestation. Always check in on your children and monitor their internet activity.

  • Set rules to follow

Parents must set limits for their children. Otherwise, children may develop a bad habit of playing video games. Never let your child play video games for hours and hours, especially if they are still very immature. Assist them in finding a fine balance between playing and studying.

Bottom line 

The involvement of technology has changed the way students perform in education (thedissertationhelp, 2019). Almost all teens like to play video games (Kahne & Sporte, 2008). And video games are not especially recommended for students that is because the light from screens can harm their eyes. Such games also expose young minds to inappropriate concepts and morals, which is why it is important for parents and educators to seek other things to keep students occupied for a long period of time. 

Craft kits can be purchased to keep children occupied. A fun activity box loaded with worksheets and storybooks is a great way to engage children.  Also, make sure your children have enough time every day for unstructured play with their friends. Doing so will help them develop self-regulation abilities, which will be highly important in all parts of life and success.

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