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10 Startup Logos That Inspire and Innovate

Every company needs a logo. Startup Logos It provides a brand with an identification that can be recognizes by the audience. A well-designed logo inspires the audience who have no previous experience with the brand to consider that they give an incredible service or product.

Every year a lot of small businesses starts. Because of high competition, these companies require to discover ways to appeal to the audience. For them, every new investor or visitor can be a potential buyer. To keep the attention, apart from services or products, they require to focus on the designs as well. Whether it is a website design, logo design, or product packaging design, they must know that the audience fascinates by the appearance first.

In different ways, it is for this reason that many new, developing startups have started putting a great deal of attention into their identification. They know that an impressive and unique logo design can make a great difference to their businesses. It can assist them in communicating their goals, objectives, services, and products.

I have compiled ten startup logos that have been beautifully and designed with a focus on both showing the business personality as well as aesthetic quality. Hope these logos will inspire you in creating your own logo design.

1) Airbnb

The brand identity of Airbnb has evolved a lot since the time of its launch. You will discover that firstly all the letters were rounded in lowercase on the blue background if you look at its original logo. The company re-launched its brand identification in 2014 and comes up with a new logo. The icon in the logo is made by combining four dissimilar icons. And the good thing is that they all have different meanings. But together they all make a unique and simple icon. The Company has chosen a legible font which looks to be a flawless choice. The color has been altered to a coral red icon on white background. These changes appear to be immensely useful for the company.

2) Giphy

It is an online database and search engine that permits its consumers to share and browse short looping videos with no sound that seems to be an animated Gifs file. The company came into existence in 2013. It was recognized as the top 100 websites in the same year according to PC Magazine. The logo has a square shape icon that has been designed in multiple colors. The corner of the icon looks like a pixilated file icon. The brand name is printed all in white color and all in uppercase and located outside the symbol. The simplicity in the logo has taken unlimited minds.

3) 42Floors

It is a startup that assists other businesses to discover and rent office space. One of the ideal things about their logo is that by just looking at it, you get a clear understanding of what the brand is all about. The number four is designed in a way that you can understand easily what they are in the real estate business. The typeface is simple, and the color is very neutral. The 2 green windows are a nice addition that instantly gets attention.

4) Snapchat

It is one of the most general messaging applications. The brand swiftly gets popular because consumers liked the concept of sharing pictures that get automatically deleted from the receipt’s mobile phone in just a few seconds. The ghost shape logo represents the temporary nature of pictures taken on the application. You can see the pictures for a short time before they vanish just like a ghost. The background of the logo is in a yellow color. The company decided to go for this color because first, they needed to be noticeable, and second, no one had utilized this color before in their applications. A bold black line drawing the logo distinguishes the yellow from the white color. Certainly, the logo seems to be clean and simple even on mobile phone screens.

5) Zipline

Drones are pretty much controversial and popular. Companies are discovering it tough to discover their USP, Zipline managed to make a mark in the industry even in the extremely competitive market. The company gives life-saving products through ‘Zips’ that is commonly identifies as ‘Drones’. To avoid any negativity related to drones, the company didn’t utilize the ‘drone’ word in their logo and name. Instead, the logo has 2 paper planes to form the letter Z. This ideally interacts with its mission statement in an inventive way. The red color utilized in the logo indicates the medical emergencies they handle daily.

6) Medium

The brand gives a stunning interface to work on and a correspondingly enjoyable reading experience with the huge type and no interruptions. Everybody can publish a post on Medium all posts appear the same. There are no options and no themes for customization. The main thing that separates one post from another is the high quality of the content. It has gone through various logo evolutions ever since the company has launched. The brand has come back to its unique logo with petty changes in 2017. The new individuality included a logo that contained the bold letter M on a white background in black color. You can see on the right bottom corner of the icon an addition of horizontal lines. These bold black color lines are flawlessly interactive in their objective.

7) Slack

A contemporary communication tool was constructed to make communication among team members better and easier. In 2013, the company started its journey and today it has turned out to be one of the most favorite tools for both small and big businesses. The logo of the brand is pretty catchy and stimulating. The colorful hash icon portrays that it is private. The logo contains four base colors that connect each other. If you carefully look at the overlapping points, you will discover another new color. It provides an extra nice touch to the general appearance. The name of the company has been located nearby the icon all in lower case. The gray color looks to be a flawless choice as it is mostly linked to products that solve issues and offer suitable value.

8) HotelTonight

It is an online travel app that assists its consumers to discover hotel accommodation in the European, American, and Australian region. The founder Sam Shank desired to come up with a design that not only looks creative but inspirational as well in 2010. If you look at the logo, you will discover it impactful and catchy. The icon has an uppercase H that also makes bed shape. The H-bed-shaped logo with the brand name on the top delivers the business and brand message of the company effectively. The purple and white color in the logo portrays creativity, cleanliness, and royalty.

9) Squarespace

It is highly regards as the best web developer near me, blogging platforms, and hosting services in the industry. Individuals and businesses can make, host, and maintain their blogs and websites. The brand permits consumers to make their logos as well. Naturally, their logo needs to be impressive. Every single feature of the logo is a design masterwork. From symbols to the usage of negative space, each component is deliberately designs to propose something. The brand has achieved to put together two key elements a double letter S and chain links. The chain links signify hyperlinks that straightway remind clients of the type of service they gave. The black color is utilizes to show elegance, boldness, and strength. The company has chosen a sans-serif font that seems to be clean and simple.

10) Workflowy

Ponder it to be the online humbler version of notepad. The company started in 2010 and perhaps gives the modest cloud-based list-making app in the industry. The ideal element of the app is that unlike other applications, you can make distinct lists and keep every item in their particular category. The design of the logo rotates around its core functionality. It means writing opinions into bulletin points and seeing ideas from a high level and easily drills down into essential details. The pastel blue color appears to be a pretty professional that shows reliability and trust.


The name of a company describes the character of identity and the service prospects of possible clients. A logo additionally explains a business and assists the audience to identify a company easily. If you are in the procedure of creating a logo for a new business, I hope that you implement the above-mentioned brands and make a unique and memorable logo just like them. If you cannot create a logo for you, you can hire a logo design company that offers affordable logo design packages within your budget rang

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