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Will Your Hair Grow Back Post Thinning?

Usually, hair fall regards as normal which occur because of lifestyle. There is a cycle of losing and growing hair. But in case you are suffering from excessive hair loss then there is a concern of becoming bald. Hair thinning is common in many people in their 20s and 30s. Receding hairline is common indication of balding.

Here, we will highlight some causes of hair thinning and whether hair will grow back or not. So, don’t miss out to read the blog.

What are the causes of hair thinning?

Hair thinning can occur because of a number of aspects. It includes medical conditions, genetics and lifestyle habits. Also hair loss and stress are said to be linked together. Hair thinning from life style is temporary and hair loss in females and males take place due to genetics. Let’s have a look on some common reasons of hair thinning.


Hereditary hair loss

Female/male pattern baldness is most usual kind of hair fall. It also refers to as androgenetic alopecia. One can experience it when the follicles of hair cannot grow new hair. You must understand that hereditary hair loss is permanent and irreversible because of medical history of the family with baldness.

In men, it starts from hairline continuing to back side of head. In women, it starts from crown and female pattern baldness results in hair thinning. On evaluating the condition, the doctor can suggest the most suitable hair restoration technique for you.

Alopecia Areata

In this condition, you will experience fallen off the hair in various small patches. It develops within a few days. As the reasons of alopecia aerate are unknown many experts suggest that stress and genetics are key triggering aspects. However, patients who are suffering from this condition recover completely with the need of any treatment. It’s just a matter of time!

Hormonal Imbalance

There is change in hormone level at the time or after pregnancy and during menopause. As a result, most women experience hair fall. Similar thing is applicable to men. Fortunately hair fall due to hormonal imbalance is always temporary.

Nutritional deficiencies

Certain hair loss problems like chronic telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss and alopecia cause because of nutritional deficiencies. Lack of nutrients like fatty acids, folic acids, niacin, selenium, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc and iron can lead to hair thinning and hair fall.

Hair loss and stress

Always remember that stress level impacts hair growth. Excessive stress results in hair loss and hair thinning in both females and males. In case you experience excess hair fall than usual then it is important to monitor the stress level and act to reduce it.

You can include various de-stressing activities such as meditation, pursuing hobbies, leisure time in nature and others. After normalising of the stress level the hair will grow back again.

Right time to visit a doctor

Naturally people lose almost 100 hairs daily. But if you are suffering from severe hair fall then you must consult with the doctor. Visit any cosmetic surgery clinic in Turkey to get the suitable treatment for your hair fall and hair thinning. Also raise your concerns regarding receding hairline and expected patchy loss of hair. The latter one indicates there may be any underlying medical condition.

Will you get back your lost hair?

Depending on the reason of hair thinning, you can get back your lost hair. If it happens due to pregnancy, stress or vitamin shortages then you can experience regrowth. One must visit a doctor on experiencing thinning hair or hair loss.

2 solutions of hair thinning are here:

  • Micro needling

    Also known as derma rolling, it involves the use of a device having numerous tiny needles which will apply on the scalp for promoting hair growth and the density. Although you can get it from any local store yet it is better to use only after consulting with the dermatologist. By this way you can come to know if it is safe to use or not.

  • Hair transplant

    It is the biggest leap in the cosmetic surgery that lets you to get rid of hair loss permanently. Turkish hair transplant involves extraction of healthy hair follicles from denser areas mainly back of head and implants them in sparse areas. But you must know that everyone is not suitable for hair transplant and consultation with the doctor is much better to check if you are eligible for that.

Biggest irony is that hair loss or thinning is more likely to experience initially post hair transplant treatment. However, don’t panic about it as it is regular and temporary. Over time this will stop as the scalp will heal completely.

Hair loss and hair thinning are typical problem many people experience daily. Hormonal imbalances and stress is the key culprit of these problems. But sometimes some serious conditions like genetic factors can also be the reason for shedding of hair.

If you visit any clinic centre in Istanbul then the doctor will assess your condition extensively discussing the right options for the issue. If hair transplant is suitable for you then the skilled surgeons are there to help you. For any concerns on hair transplant procedure, reach out to the doctor anytime.

At Clinic Centre Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey, we have a reputation for providing excellent value for our clients. Contact our expert hair transplant surgeon now on 2034758547 to schedule an appointment. We are ready to help you with your Hair Transplant Procedure.


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