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Which Horizontal Fence Panel Is Right for Your Garden?

If you’re thinking about adding some form of fencing to your garden, there are two main types to choose from: traditional horizontal fencing and decorative fencing. Both serve the same function – they keep people or pets in and unwanted intruders out – but they look very different, have different installation methods, and also have different guarantees attached to them. In this blog, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision between the two, which will help you choose the right horizontal fence panel for your garden.

Traditional Overlap Panels

If you’re looking to build your fence with classic materials, traditional overlap panels are a great starting point. The solid horizontal posts are held together with strong timber joints that can be customized to form any size panel, and sturdy T-shaped feet provide added stability on uneven ground. Once installed, these liggande staket panels will last for years—even decades—and are ideal for adding character to a cottage garden or period home.

Slatted Panels

Slatted Panels

Slatted fence panels are a great modern alternative to a solid fence. They’re both durable and secure and provide lots of airflows and natural light for your garden. This can be a perfect addition to your garden if you don’t have much in terms of fencing already, or if you just want to add some variety. These slats aren’t just pretty either – they also help keep out unwanted pests like foxes and rabbits! Pressure-Treated Panels: Pressure-treated panels are a more traditional choice when it comes to horizontal fencing. These fences will give your garden privacy as well as security, and come with an added layer of protection against rot and other damage caused by weather conditions. They’re ideal for long-term use in gardens where they may get wet regularly, such as those that border ponds or lakes.

Hit and Miss Panels

Traditional horizontal fence panels are just that, traditional. Featuring overlapping posts and boards, these panels come in a range of sizes suitable for your garden fence. The space between boards ensures privacy but also provides enough ventilation to prevent dampness and mildew growth. These classic styles make a strong statement about your home’s garden style as well as fit with most estate homes. The simple construction of hit-and-miss panels is practical too – no need to worry about them bowing out or blowing over in stormy weather conditions!

Decorative Ornamental Panels

Decorative Ornamental Panels

Decorative panels are great if you want to add a unique touch of color to your garden fencing. With a range of bright colors, decorative panels are available in different sizes and shapes, so you can create any design you like. Some people choose to attach decorative panels at every other post of their fence; others opt to use them as a panel over top of an existing fence. Either way, they’re easy to install and come with all hardware required. Pressure Treated Panels:

Pressure-treated horizontal panels are ideal if you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable type of fence that will last many years without maintenance. Pressure-treated wood is resistant to rotting and decay caused by moisture, which makes it ideal for areas with high rainfall or where there’s lots of standing water around. We offer both smooth-cut pressure-treated snyggt staket as well as more rustic square-cut ones – perfect if you’re going for a traditional look! If you have any questions about our pressure-treated horizontal panels or would like some advice on which one would be best suited to your needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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