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What to do when a competitor ranks on your brand on Google Ads

.Many businesses have to deal with competitors buying their keywords, brand, or corporate name. This practice is often decried and called ”unfair”. If it is used today, it is because the people who created it derive competitive benefits from it. We will see what is its method of operation and to what extent this practice is legal.

Google Adwords what is it?

This is a tool made available to professionals, which allows them to carry out advertising campaigns on the Google search engine. It consists of paying for keywords in order to be highlighted on the search results pages. Advertisers choose keywords representative of their activity, and define a maximum cost per click. Depending on the amount, the competition or your Quality Score, your ad will be more or less visible among search results, which directly affects the performance of your ad. You can contact Best Google Ads Management Services Company.  With this method of operation, advertisers could be tempted to use the notoriety of competitors to win target customers. Indeed, if a user searches for your competitor on the search engine, it is possible to redirect him to your website.

Why buy the competitor’s brand?

In the case of the advertising campaign on Google Adwords, the purchase of a brand or the name of the company can generate different advantages such as:

  • Recover a customer
  • Generate traffic
  • Use the notoriety of the other
  • Raise the bids

Although these methods are not reprehensible, using them in the traffic acquisition strategy is not without risk. Customers don’t like to be misled, which could lead to a bad reputation for the brand that uses this method.

Is it legal to use another brand’s keywords?

The case law of January 29, 2013, rendered by the Court of Paris, and of March 5, 2015 and decision of the you of Paris, authorize advertisers to bid on the name of a rival brand, provided that the online campaign is sufficiently understandable so as not to mislead the consumer. He must be able to clearly differentiate the services offered by the two companies and easily identify the source of his purchase. For companies concerned about their notoriety, it is essential that they quickly position themselves on the name of their brand. The advertiser can make a complaint to Google, for example: if the content of the ad is harmful to the brand or if it is confusing. If it is only the keyword purchase that contains the brand name, without mentioning it in the ad,

There are measures to put in place to limit this kind of disappointment as much as possible.

When the enemy attacks, the empire strikes back

If a competitor steals your keywords and doesn’t care about the reminders you have made to them for an amicable settlement, the solution is to bid on theirs. But before generating anything, it is important to go through the SEMrush tool . It provides access to the keywords on which the competitor is bidding. By targeting him, it is possible to increase his cost per click, win some of his potential customers and therefore force him to stop using your brand name.

You can also refer to Google or Bing.If the competitor uses your brand name or slogan in an advertising text. It is a legitimate reason to report it.

Avoid doing that anyway, it’s not very cool.

For or against this practice, it is certain that it is very controversial. It is considered as ”cheating” for many. When a competitor invests in your brand. It is necessary to react so as not to steal your potential customers. If despite contacting the competitor, he does not want to return your keywords, bid on his.

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