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What Things to Avoid in Leh Ladakh

What not to do in Leh Ladakh

There are some things to avoid in Leh Ladakh that are strongly advise by best travel agents. The most crucial thing to understand about Ladakh is that it is not a weekend getaway or a place where you can just pack your bags and depart.

You’re about to step into a bitterly cold high-altitude desert. The weather is frightful, and the terrain is treacherous. You must respect the region’s beauty in order to fully enjoy it. One small misstep here could Jeopardise the remainder of your journey and leave you penniless.

Do not travel to Ladakh unless you have a plan.

A trip to Ladakh necessitates meticulous planning and several days. You should familiarize yourself with the area and the weather conditions before embarking on your excursion. Prepare yourself mentally and physically by having a plan in place, knowing your lodging alternatives, and having a plan in place.

If you’re going on a road trip, you’ll need to be extra careful with your vehicle. Have it serviced, and anything that appears to be a safety hazard should be fixed or replaced.

Acute Mountain Sickness Should Not Be Ignored

Most people have never heard of acute mountain sickness until they start planning a trip to Ladakh.  Acute mountain sickness (AMS) and high altitude sickness were completely unknown to me.

We’ve all been to a hill station at some point in our lives, but we’ve never experienced or thought about mountain sickness. We don’t take it seriously since we’ve never experienced it. We have no idea what it’s like to suffer from AMS. This could completely distract from your trip’s enjoyment.

Roads and terrain should not be underestimated.

You may have taken multiple road trips or traveled extensively. You may have had your fill of off-roading, but in Ladakh, you cannot afford to be overconfident. The roads here are difficult to navigate and might be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

You should take it slowly and be cautious. Recognize that you’re travelling through a region that gets blanketed in snow during the winter. Every year, BRO needs to resurface these roads. One minor blunder can send you off the road and downhill, or at the very least cause catastrophic damage to your car.

Don’t base your decision on the distance of your journey.

Many people start planning their vacation by calculating the distance. When they see a distance of 500 kilometres or more, their first idea is that they can easily cover it in one day.

In Ladakh, however, time and distance do not actually function together. You cannot make the mistake of speeding even on a straight, newly laid road. There will be dips in between, which if you are travelling at a high speed, can seriously damage your vehicle.

There will be periods where your speed will be restricted to only 15-20 kilometres per hour. Crossing passes and rising up a twisty tight road at 60-70 kilometres per hour is impossible.

Do not look away from your child.

If you’re travelling to Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai with your child, you’ll need to keep an eye on them at all times. They will be far more excited than you to be in a new place. They’ll still run and bounce around, exerting themselves in the process.

This exertion will cause AMS, and a youngster will be unable to express their feelings clearly. Keep an eye on their eating habits, don’t allow them become too tired, keep them safe from the cold and hard environment, and keep an eye out for any signs of mountain sickness.

Don’t rent a car from someone, who isn’t from the area.

Non-local taxis, self-drive rentals and motorcycles leased in cities other than Leh are only good for getting you to Leh. It is not permitted to use it for sightseeing in Ladakh and you should not incur the risk.

Locals have attacked and vandalized similar vehicles in the past, and some tourists have been injured, according to reports. If you arrived in Leh in a non-local rental vehicle, please leave it parked at your accommodation and rent another vehicle to explore the rest of Ladakh.


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