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What Things Matter In A Logo for business

Every business has a different logo. Since; each Logo gives a different message to its target segment. Therefore, when designing a logo for business, it is vital to give its full attention. Since that particular Logo will recognize the brand. As it will be the first visual thing the audience will connect the business with. The logos visualization will say everything about the brand.

Why do brands play extreme importance on their Logo? Since the business logo tells the entire story of a brand, providing information as to what they do? Who they are? Which market it’s catering to? The product along with the service along with, determines the fact whether the business will flourish or fail! The logos professionalism, typography, colors and icon, along with the Name is almost everything.

Name Of A Brand.

The Name of a brand is matters more than a firm’s Logo. Since; the Logo is made around the Name. However, the company’s name choice has to be seen through certain aspects and follow the rules.

  1. Easy to pronounce for everyone.
  2. The Name has to be catchy.
  3. The Name should depict the industry that’s being catered to.
  4. The Name has to have a meaning behind it.
  5. Simplicity works best
  6. Length matters

More than a Logo, what matters is the Name of a brand. Thus the Name of a brand has to differentiate the market along with identify it industry. For a law company, the Name cannot be fashionable. It has to revolve around the tone identifying the industry and leaving a message. The Name cannot be like ‘legally blonde’ main character Elle Woods. Hence the Name itself gives the message to the public as to what its target market is. Therefore the Name has to be extremely easy to pronounce; difficult pronunciation will drive customers away, irritating them.

Apples Name And Business Logo Design.

A brands name has to be catchy, to be memorable. Catchy names find their place in people’s mind, for example, Coca-Cola, Apple, Coco Chanel. Name can also establish themselves in an individual’s mind if they have are linked with every day thing for example the Apples logo and Name. It is extremely difficult to forget such a name as it is linked with a common fruit, and the fruit is what pops up in people’s minds.

Though the tech giant has kept the Name of a fruit. Thus, it has made sure the Name is short, simple, easy to pronounce, and extremely catchy along with them a meaning it has uniquely twisted the whole that the Name of the fruit represents the technology business and is loved by people. Since its icon and slogan says it all. A bitten apple as an icon and ‘think different for a slogan.

Business Owners Require The Perfect Business Card.

The colors of a logo design matter the most, and picking out the accurate colors which is available on all materials, software and platforms is necessary. Since for stationery marketing, basic colors are used, and colors used in Photoshop are difficult to get. Thus a logo has to play with basic colors. However the usage of colors matters immensely as well.

If a founder/CEO does not have a business card. Then customers might not be pleased as it demonstrates unprofessionalism and gives a bad impact on people. Thus it does not even allow potential customers to come. Hence there are various logo design for business cards, and each business card differs in its way. Therefore it is crucial for innovation to be present in business cards as well, not just logos.

The Logo Is A Bluff.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This metaphor doesn’t apply to the business world entirely. As the Logo, brochure, website, and stationery design is the first step a person judges the business professionalism by. In certain ways this metaphor applies as it is not necessary that the business services and professionalism should be just as great as its Logo.

The Logo can be a bluff in the eye at times. Hence; the quality may not be up to the level and advertisements of the product may be a lie. Hence people should not fall for ads all the time, since advertisements are not what will benefit them but the product that is being sold. It is a marketing agency job to enhance the product, making it seem appealing to the audience. The logo agency design is what it’s being paid for.

Different Kinds Of Business Cards.

Designing is a challenging job, whether it be for a fashion, law, interior or the design of another industry. In fact all kind of designing is difficult, fashion designing, graphic designing or interior designing. However, the main problem comes when there are limitations. Hence a graphic designer has to be innovative regarding business cards, thus they get restricted, especially if it’s a corporate company and the business card has to be professional but cannot include a lot of stuff.

No matter how easy it looks, it’s that difficult only. As designers have to come up with something out of the bloom. Thus they cannot play with the colour pallet or typography. With these restrictions, the designer has to make a business card that plays with customers’ mind, pulling them towards the company. There’s a major difference between business cards, each representing it’s firm as to what it is, giving a simple look. Business cards of corporate companies play with colors, giving a simple, formal, yet unique look impressing the public.

Logo Designing With Animation.

Corporate firms incorporate animation and vibrant colours in their logos. it is a way of breaking the chain of following the line of dry and dull things that drive people away. However, the colours are used the right way. It’s not just corporate firms but awareness companies like WWF and giant search engines like google. They have also used 3d animation in their Logo used on websites, newsletters, and social media platforms. All to engage people, some companies have gone as far as making 3d led billboards.

Attracting customers is after all incumbent for all industries. Thus there has been a major change in the Logo for business. As 3d logos are the most trending and in-demand, one cannot ignore the fact that there will always remain a line between corporate, formal, and casual logos made for fashion and toy brands.

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