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What makes a hotel room luxurious?

During the economic boom years of the late 90s of the last century and the beginning of this century, the number of companies that build luxury hotels has increased significantly. This is due to the fact that many people began to earn more and could afford to enjoy exotic vacations and live in luxury hotels. It was then that many wondered, “What makes a luxury hotel truly luxurious?” Is it possible to call a hotel luxurious because it has five stars, or is it the level of service provided? There was no single answer, despite all the controversy regarding the true criteria for evaluating a particular hotel. Travel journalists have compiled a list of the main criteria for judging luxury hotels, but it should be noted that each hotel should be judged on its own identity.

Location of luxury hotels.

The location of the hotel and the views from its windows play an almost key role when choosing a hotel. The best hotels are usually located in the center of the world’s largest cities. And are in close proximity to each other. For example, in Paris, all the best luxury hotels are located on the right bank of the Seine. Because from here you have the best views of the city. Location is critical for luxury hotels, as they not only provide the best panoramas of any city, but are also in close proximity to its attractions. In UAE we can mention Dubai hotels and Ras Al Khaimah beach hotel. RAK hotels are very luxurious because in the whole of UAE the best hotels in RAK have the best beaches.

All the most luxurious hotels in the world meet these requirements. Of course, if we are not talking about hotels in resort areas. In this case, perhaps, the main criterion for evaluating the hotel is the presence of a large and well-groomed surrounding area.

Level of service in luxury hotels.

Service in luxury hotels should be an order of magnitude higher than in other hotels. Service in luxury hotels must not only meet the expectations of their customers but also exceed these expectations. There are many cases when the administration of luxury hotels delivered by plane some products and other items for their guests from the other side of the planet, just to please them.

Amenities in luxury hotels.

Luxury hotels should not just have a wide range of amenities, but the very best amenities. Clients of such hotels expect only high-quality amenities and want to find everything they need in the comfort of a hotel. Services not found elsewhere often help elevate a hotel’s status. Clients want indoor pools, bars, saunas, spa treatments and more, which makes a hotel attractive.

Attention to every detail in luxury hotels.

Creating an attractive interior is an area in which luxury hotels excel. To create it, works of fine art, architectural delights and artifacts from all the most attractive regions of the world are used. One has only to look at hotels. Such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai or the Vincent Hotel in Southport, UK to see this. Gilded foliage decorations and marble floors are the norms for luxury hotels. They spare no expense for this since many people associate luxury with just such an interior. Luxury hotels pay attention to the smallest details that are ignored in other hotels. It is for this reason that a significant number of guests want to return here again and again.

Summing up, we can say that every luxury hotel is unique in its own way. Such hotels distance themselves from mass hotel chains by the money they spend and the specifics of their work. The rest of the hotels can hardly keep up with them, and these luxury hotels give their guests good reasons to return here again and again. For tourists choosing a hotel, the star rating is a good guide, but it does not always reflect the true state of affairs in a particular hotel and is not a universal assistant when choosing a truly luxurious hotel.

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