What is The Add On Covers for Your Sports Bikes

Do you know that not only the add-ons coverage of sports bikes is necessary but also when you purchase a bike, it is mandatory by law to purchase at least third-party insurance or liability only insurance? However, it is understandable that your sports bike would be exceedingly valuable to you, and that third-party coverage would be insufficient. Add-ons to your comprehensive bike insurance policy will cover damage to you and your vehicle as well as third-party injuries in the event when you are involved in an accident while riding your two-wheeler. Hence, having add-on covers along with your bike insurance is a good idea.

But don’t know what is add-ons and why is it so important, also what is add-ons coverage for sports bikes. So nothing to worry about this because here I am gonna tell you in detail. But only one request for you please read the full article otherwise you can’t understand it properly.

Definition of Add-ons for two-wheeler insurance

Add-ons are optional coverages that you may purchase for an extra fee to supplement your insurance policy’s coverage. This is a no that you should select them to personalize your policy to your exact needs when it comes to something as significant as a sports bike.

Important Add-ons for Your Sports Bike Insurance

Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial insurance add-on options for your sports bike.

Zero Depreciation Cover

The word “depreciation” refers to the drop in the estimated market value (IDV or Insurance Declared Value) of your motorcycle over time. You will be rewarded based on the bike’s depreciated IDV rather than the actual repair cost if you file a claim for components replacement or damage to your bike. This add-on guarantees that you’ll be compensated for the market value of the parts you bought.

Roadside Assistance

It is unquestionably beneficial to be able to contact your insurance provider for assistance in the event of any catastrophes or malfunctions that occur while on the road. Roadside assistance insurance gives you the opportunity to seek emergency help in cases like bike breakdowns, towing, and so on, and is especially important if you own a sports bike because you don’t want to risk damaging such a precious property by doing repairs yourself.

Engine Protection Cover

It is very likely that your sports bike’s engine will be damaged at some time, for example, as a result of a natural catastrophe or disaster such as floods. In this instance, having the engine protect cover add-on is highly advantageous, as this would not be covered under basic comprehensive coverage. It is highly advised for individuals who live in flood-prone areas. It might be quite pricey to replace the engine of a sports bike out of your own pocket, hence this add-on cover is recommended.


Your standard comprehensive insurance policy would not cover all potential damages in the various scenarios you might face. That is why, in order to improve your insurance, you should choose add-on coverage. These are three of the most important options for protecting your sports bike and providing a strong financial safety net.

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