What is in Swarovski christmas crackers?

What is in Swarovski Christmas crackers?

Christmas is the best time for people to enjoy their holidays with their families and they can also enjoy various things like a good dinner and fun with Christmas crackers. 

The crackers are a gift item packed with some chemical component that activates friction and creates a small blast. 

These crackers will be wrapped with decorative papers and twisted on both ends. If people pull it apart by holding on to each end, it will open with a small harmless blast and reveal the gift inside it. 

The Swarovski Christmas crackers contain various gift products according to their price range. 

These Christmas creakers suit people who love gifts with a bit of surprise. It is available in different price ranges, and people love to buy them all. 

According to the cost of the crackers, the gist in the creaker will differ. These crackers are the best product to start a festive season with a bang, and it also has various attractive and shiny gifts for their customers. 

The different crackers brand provides various kinds of gift products for their customers. These are some of the points about the Christmas crackers. 

Gifts available with Swarovski Christmas crackers

There are many kinds of products available in the Swarovski Christmas crackers. 

And these products are the reason that makes the Christmas crackers more attractive and popular among people. Some of the products available with these crackers are

  • 8mm drop earrings
  • Shark bottle opener
  • Wine bottle stop
  • Key Ring
  • Heart-shaped pendant
  • Cross Necklace
  • Reindeer Brooch
  • Key chain pen
  • Zippo style lighter 
  • Infinity bracelet

All these are some of the gifts available with the Swarovski Christmas crackers, and most people buy crackers to get these kinds of products with them. 

And the cracker company also provides various gift products for their customers. Most products available in this package are shiny and attractive. 

The crackers pack are known as boys’ and girls’ editions separately, and it’s due to the products available with those crackers. 

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Things in the Swarovski crackers

The crackers contain the gift and a particular chemical component called silver fulminate, a friction-sensitive explosive. 

And this chemical is commonly known as AgCNO by chemists. And some crackers will have a slight amount of gunpowder to make the bang realistic. 

Then it contains a cardboard role covered with attractive colored paper and twisted on both ends. 

These crackers will have activation stips on both sides, so if people pull those two apart, it creates heat to start the bang. 

These are some of the things available inside the Swarovski crackers. 

How to get these Christmas crackers

People can buy these Christmas crackers online or from their nearby retail stores. 

In addition, people who need bulk products can use the online service to get as many products as they want. 

The crackers companies have their official websites for their customers to buy products as per their needs. 

In addition, they have various gift packages containing several different counts of crackers. Some may have two, and some others may have four. 

The crackers’ price will also differ according to the gifts available inside. 

For example, the Swarovski Christmas crackers contain a special luxury cracker package that includes various attractive and costly presents. 

Similarly, they have separate pecks for both boys and girls. The boys’ pack will contain different gift products, like Zippo style lighters, shark bottle openers, etc. 

For girls, they have shiny chains with lockets, 8mm drop earrings, and even more.  


The crackers are the best thing to enjoy at Christmas because they provide the joy of blast with a gift and these gifts mean many good memories for several people. 

Therefore, these gifts act as unique thing that has many joyful memories of many people and help them be happy forever. 

These are some of the points about Swarovski Christmas crackers, and it also explains the abilities and the products available with them.

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