What Are The Hotel Key Cards? How Do They Work?

If you consider the most recent time you were in the hotel, it’s probable that you didn’t use an ordinary key. Instead, you received an electronic key that looked like a credit card. There are always new developments that alter how we interact with both services and businesses. Hotels have been an innovator for quite some time. The most prominent is the move away from the lock and key and toward the use of digital control for access. In this article, we will examine the main motives key cards holders have become so well-known in the industry of hotels and the reason they are the best solution for security for hotels and access control in hotels.

What Are Hotel Key Cards?

The technology behind Key Cards used in hotels differs from country to country and chain to chain; however, the basic concept remains identical, electronic access control.

Hotel Key Cards can be described as key metal alternatives that give guests an easy way to gain access to their room with the Key Card through the reception.

In the wake of the demise of locking and receipt holder hotels were among the industries that have pushed toward the use of a keyless entry system.

The technology was recently use in a variety of automobiles and in the industry in general. This means that you do not need to manually unlock or start the vehicle with the key, and just keep it within close proximity.

It’s the same as how Hotel Key Cards function: the data is read through the reader when the card is within the area.  Key Cards do not just unlock your room but provide you with the capability to access other areas for guests like the pool or gym.

The Different Types Of Hotel Keys

There are several choices when it comes down to Hotel Access Control, for example, one of the options can be use with Key Fobs, but for simplicity’s sake, we will be focusing on Key Cards today.

We will briefly discuss three of the most commonly used or utilised Hotel Key Card types, there are a few subtypes, however, they cover the main areas.

Magnetic Stripe – is possibly the most well-known and one that we’ve probably encounter within the last 10 years or more. The magstripe keys come with a black strip that is swipe downwards by the reader.

Radio Frequency – is often referred to as a proximity card, as well as contactless technology. It is a limit range card that is place in the scanner to permit access within a couple of CMs.

Hole Punch – typically on their way out in the present However, they were well-liked in the past. A distinctive combination of holes punched into the card determined the access to your room.

Die Cut Flyers

Key Components Of Hotel Key Cards

It is evident in the section above, that there are a variety of ways cards function as well as the different technology that is use.

To conclude Let’s take examine the main elements in Hotel Key Cards which are pretty universal across various types.

1. Card Assigner

This is the component of the system connect to the computers at the reception. It allows empty Key Cards to be allocate to your room after you sign in.

2. Key Card

The physical method you use to enter your room is where the information is store temporarily and then scan as you enter your room.

3. Door Reader 

What happens when you know if your hotel key card holder is scanned to give you entry into your hotel room, or other guest rooms? The scanner determines whether you can access the room by the details that are on the Key Card.

4. In-Room Power Device In-Room Power Device

It’s not always there, however; it is a method by which you can power the hotel room through the Key Card. A slot for cards is usually close to the entrance of your hotel room.

Are Hotel Key Cards Effective?

As we’ve mention the possibility of various technologies could be utilise in hotel Access Control that is not just to control access to rooms, but also to limit lift controls and even for parking management.

When it comes to access to rooms, the technology utilized can be quite similar and the fundamental idea is the same. Digital keys are closely scan, or inserting it into your room.

Let’s understand how this process works with a brief example. This will teach you the fundamentals of how key cards operate in hotels.

1. Guest Checks In

When you arrive at the hotel, go to the reception area and sign in. Once you are at the counter, the front receptionist will ask for a Key Card and start the process.

2. Key Card has been assigned

The Key Cards are blank and will be assigning keys to unlock the door in the reception area or the concierge.

They’ll link your key and card holder with your room via the electronic system; typically, this is done using a keypad connect to the computer, which will copy the temporary information onto the Key Card.

3. Your Key Card unlocks your door

When you enter your bedroom, you’ll usually be doing two things: either slide the card into a reader or then tap the card against it.

Both methods examine your debit card to then read the information and give access to your door. The entire process usually is less than a couple of seconds, and you’ll be hearing the mechanism unlocking.

4. Cards Supply Power

In many hotels, the Key Card will actually provide the power for your room by using a tiny reader next to the front door. It is an eco-friendly initiative that is use by hotels to cut down on their power consumption, and offer a second use for your card.

The reader is design to trigger any credit or debit card. Not only your room key. So perhaps you should put in the library card you have or other items that you don’t need there.

5. Check Out Card Reset

After you have check out the card, it’s wipe to allow it to be assign to a new locking and entrance. This lets the process be repeat with another guest.

With all the cards being able is connect to any door within the hotel, this makes each Key Card’s value lower and more easily replace.

What Are The Benefits Of Hotel Key Cards?

We will dissect the advantages of using Hotel Key Cards into three areas: benefits for the user as well as security and operational advantages.

User Benefits


The distinction between the key card and a traditional key does not have a significant impact on the overall weight you carry but having keys is a lot more troublesome than a card that can be insert into your purse or wallet alongside your credit cards.

Key Cards were create to be lightweight and not provide you with an extra item to take along with you. Keys are heavy and difficult to locate a convenient storage space.

Quick and Simple

Being able to access your room quickly and easily will make the entire procedure much easier and will enhance the perception of guests about the hotel.

Add this to how easy it is to check in and out, and you’ve got an easy process from beginning to finish. It’s design to be user-friendly.

Knowing how to provide the best guest experience for your guests is a vital aspect of managing a hotel. It is as well, improving security.

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