What are the Advantages of Custom Hemp Boxes?

When you are looking for boxes for your products, you may want to consider custom hemp boxes. Hemp boxes are available in various sizes and materials, ensuring the quality of your product. Learn more about the different types of hemp boxes available. Here are some of the benefits that you will experience by using these boxes:


With over 40 years of retail packaging experience, Ideal custom boxes can meet your needs for custom hemp boxes. Their products range from gift boxes to retail displays, including hemp-based shopping bags and hemp-based cannabis. From concept to creation, Contempo handles all aspects of packaging creation, including design, engineering, and manufacturing. Their headquarters are located in Providence, Rhode Island. They are committed to promoting hemp-based packaging as a sustainable and child-friendly alternative to plastics.


If you’re looking for Hemp boxes that will make a statement, consider Ideal custom boxes for custom style. They offer several options for custom styling, making them the perfect choice for retail store shelves or online tobacco selling dispensaries. With a range of child-resistant features, these boxes are perfect for ensuring that your hemp-infused products are safe. With a child-resistant latch and double-tab locking system, you can rest assured that Ideal custom boxes won’t leave your customers or employees wondering if they’re being careful. In addition to child-resistant features, they’re also easy to open and close, enabling quick extraction of hemp-infused products.

CPSC-accepted laboratory proven

If you are looking for a child-resistant packaging option, hemp boxes can be an excellent choice. They can be labeled with the CPSC logo and carry a seal of certification that shows that the packaging is child-resistant. In addition to their child-resistant properties, hemp boxes are a great marketing tool. If you plan on packaging hazardous chemicals, you need to choose child-resistant packaging options. This will protect consumers and limit the risk of poisoning and accidental ingestion. CPSC-accepted laboratory-proven hemp boxes will meet certain criteria that prevent child access.

F=1 child resistant

If you want to offer your customers the safest products possible, you should opt for F=1 child-resistant custom hemp boxes. This standard was set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 1972. According to the law, child-resistant packages are difficult to open, to prevent accidents, injuries, and even death. To help you meet this law, you can choose from several F=1 child-resistant open and closure styles from Ideal custom boxes.

Tiered punch partitions

Custom boxes are a great way to protect bottles of CBD oil or lotion. These boxes are highly durable and feature printed promotional information. Packaging experts can design tiered punch partitions to suit any size or shape. They also create an attractive presentation on countertops. And because hemp is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, it’s easy to order these boxes with fast turnaround times. Tiered punch partitions are one of the most efficient packaging options for hemp-based products.

Logo design

If your company sells wellness and beauty products, a logo design for custom hemp boxes will be an excellent way to advertise. The vibrant colors and style of a logo can help consumers remember your product. Here are some ways you can use a logo design to boost your brand’s visibility and market appeal. Let’s look at each one.

Product information

If you are a company that sells CBD oil, hemp-infused lotions, or other products in bottles, you can benefit from custom hemp boxes. Custom boxes with logo in a variety of sizes, and you can print any information on them. In addition to providing protection for the contents, these boxes are also highly attractive. You can get your products printed with your logo and company name for a unique, eye-catching look. And if you want to make them even more attractive, you can have them printed with eye-catching images or colors to capture the attention of your customers.

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