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What are fields of application of Graphic Design

Graphic design, or graphic design, is an essential step in the creation of a communication medium, whether digital or printed. Even if we don’t realize it, we are constantly in contact with objects and productions designed to have their own design. You can take the services of Best Graphic Designing Agency in Washington

Also, it is a mistake to think that we only use graphic design in advertising. In fact, its applications are much wider. Indeed, graphic design is necessary for the creation of any object which must have its own identity.

Graphic design is therefore an expertise used in many different fields.

Advertising and web design

Advertising : This is the first area we think of when we talk about graphic design. It can be done through television, the Internet, e-mail or even bulletin boards. We can also take into account printed media: flyers, posters, banners, signs, newspaper advertisements, etc. It is necessary to use design in the creation of all these advertising materials. This is therefore the first area of ​​intervention in which a graphic design agency can help you.

Web design: graphic design is the guideline of web interfaces. These interfaces, in addition to their ergonomics, have a certain aesthetic. They are responsible for visual communication, both in the choice of colors, fonts, or in the organization of their various elements. Similarly, mobile applications and software need graphic design at the time of their conception.

Physical media & graphic design

Publishing : books, newspapers, magazines and catalogs are also visual communication media. To realize their cover, their font, their illustrations and their composition, it is necessary to go through graphic design.

The packaging : we often forget it, but the packaging (paper, cardboard or other) also results from a reflection on their graphic aspect. Combined with the object they contain, they can refer to a brand or an atmosphere.

Labeling : similar to packaging, labels attached to a product use graphic design. A good label must find an ideal compromise between practical information and visual identity.

Everyday objects & graphic design

The decoration : if it may be devoid of practical interest, a decoration necessarily supports a visual identity. Graphic design can then intervene in the development of its originality, its aesthetics and even its form.

Art : graphic design is also involved in other forms of artistic expression. For example, in the fields of video games or animated films. The graphic design is at the center of the creation of the images. She is also involved in fashion and clothing design. We could also cite the design of music album covers and the field of comics, for example.

The environment: finally, we also find graphic design in objects in the public space. For example, traffic signs have an aesthetic and visual identity derived from graphic design. It also allows the construction of the visual identity of stores, restaurants, museums, stadiums, etc.

In short: any visually identifiable product involves graphic design. Therefore, more and more companies are using it. To be able to stand out, if you need to create visual aids, we strongly advise you to work with an agency that specializes in graphic design .

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