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Vastu Tips For A Good Night Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of any existence. Whether it is a weekend or one of those weekdays you find yourself tired, Night Sleep might be the perfect answer to all of those! But have you ever found yourself in a state where you are deprived of the tight and good night’s sleep you craved for? Keep scrolling to get yourself a better sound sleep.

Vastu plays an immense role in all sorts of well-being including sleep. Your sleeping position and direction can be two factors affecting the quality of your sleep.

Being surrounded by cosmic energy, the positives, and negatives, every second of our life, the sleeping direction can be part of how well your sleep is being influenced. Therefore, finding the right direction to sleep towards and implementing it onto your daily schedule can help you balance your energy and sleep.

South Direction

South direction is found to be the best and ideal direction you can choose for sleep. According to the best Vastu experts, the south is the house of the deity Yama. It brings wealth, and happiness and also radiates positive energy.

Being aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field nourishes you with positive energy and helps you get rid of the negatives. By sleeping facing the South direction, you feel an immediate improvement in the quality of your sleep as well as your normal sleeping schedule.

North Direction

While the South direction brings you wealth and prosperity, the North direction on the other hand can adversely affect you in negative ways. It can cause health-related issues in you. Mainly to mention a few, it can be straining to the heart and brain.

The magnetic field influences the iron flow in the blood to decrease causing bodily harm. It can also be a cause of insomnia and can trigger you neurologically. According to the usual Hindu traditions, the North direction is chosen to lay the body of a corpse ataşehir olgun escort until the cremation. It is known that this direction allows the soul to leave the body and start a new journey.

East Direction

The east direction is known to be the storehouse of energy due to the position of the sunrise. For this specific reason, the east direction is considered to be a good direction for anyone to sleep on. It provides you adequate calm sleep allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. This direction is mostly suggested best for students as it improves their memory capacity and concentration levels.

West Direction

While sleeping with your body facing the west direction is not found to be harmful like the South does, it seems to provide neutral effects and beneficial factors to the person. West direction is a great direction for people looking for their business and workplace success. It helps you attract and welcome safe and good opportunities for yourself in life. It helps you get rid of the negative presence around you.

Vastu Tips for A Better Sleep

Here are some extra tips for sleep you can follow to get the best of your sleep through the Vastu Shastra.

  • Avert yourself from placing your legs on the frame of the door. This can cause you nightmares.
  • Do not align your bed with the corners of the room you are sleeping in.
  • Keep electronic gadgets away from the bed.
  • Pick dark-colored curtains that help to contain the light from outside.
  • Bedrooms must not be built above the kitchen. It can cause harm to sleeping patterns.
  • Place a wind chime or dream catcher to attract positive vibrations.
  • Do not sleep beneath the beams of your house.
  • Keep plants out of the bedroom as they release excess amounts of carbon dioxide at night which can be harmful due to an oxygen reduction.
  • Do not stuff underneath the bed.
  • Light-colored bedroom walls help keep your mind at peace.

To sum up, Vastu Shastra being one of the most predominant keys of existence, it is important to follow those in our everyday activities including our sleeping schedule. While it may look of less importance, happening to look into the Vastu of sleeping direction can help you align your peace and energy in the right ways.

Choosing the South direction for your sleeping position can be a wise choice considering the positive benefits it holds. Followed by east direction containing many good attributes and then West which can be of neutral benefits. North, on the other hand, is extremely harmful to be chosen as a direction to sleep on. It can cause you trouble relating to peace and health issues. It is better to avoid sleeping in this direction for the well-being of oneself.

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