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Types of SEO Services

In this article we know about types of SEO Services , first of all, we discuss on Internet. You must have heard about referencing all over the web, but it still floats between more or less skewed definitions. Literally, in web marketing, referencing consists of improving the visibility of your results (pages, images, videos) in search engines. Natural referencing includes several types of referencing on the internet. Depending on your expectations and your objectives, you will need to focus more on this or that axis. If you had only one axis to consider for relevant and sustainable referencing, the choice of natural referencing would be the most coherent. Does it seem complicated to you? Rest assured, this article explains the how and why and offers you to discover in detail the various types of referencing.

White/ Grey/ Black Hat SEO

White optimization is website promotion without the use of unwanted and prohibited methods. This is the most reliable and effective way to promote a resource, which eliminates the risk of falling under search engine filters. White methods include promotion on social networks, buying site reviews, and interesting and promotional articles.

Gray optimization – some “transitional methods” between white and black optimization. Officially, gray methods of promotion are not prohibited, but search engines do not welcome them. Sites promoted by these methods can fall under search engine filters, but at the same time, quite often, it is gray optimization that turns out to be the most effective.

Black hat optimization – promotion methods, which include everything that violates the rules of search engines. This is the creation of unreadable or poorly perceived pages intended only for placing key queries, outright link spam, cloaking, doorways, etc.

Natural and/or paid referencing

These referrals are also known as SEO (search engine optimization). Natural referrals include a set of techniques to improve your site’s position in search engines. The referencing results appear in the engine in the form of organic links. This is the result given by the relevance algorithm.

Rather, paid referencing/SEO allows search engines to display pages from your website by relying on the purchase of sponsored links. Now let’s talk about SEA for search engine advertising. Google requires commercial advertising to be set up using the Google AdWords platform.

International and multilingual referencing

Multilingual or international SEO is more than just translating content. Chinese audience sites are not referred to in the same way as Brazilian audience sites. Culture, expectations, and web surfing patterns inevitably influence international references. For example, in China, mobile phone accounts for 80% of the market share. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are less likely to succeed in the Chinese market.

Legal and political aspects can also play a role in a multilingual strategy. Finally, more technical standards must be implemented in the hope of providing a good position abroad.

Local SEO

Are your activities primarily dependent on the region? Is your target only in one city or a limited area (district, ward, etc.)? Local referrals consist of improving your site’s visibility in search engines according to local requests and the geographical location of Internet users.

One of the first steps is to get your business listed by creating a Google My Business listing. Then you need to implement more website improvements. The classic types of SEO Services tag optimization, but optimized for your target area

  • Microdata for local businesses added
  • Create a semantic geolocation cocoon
  • Create a local blog post and more

The final step is to get local links and social signals from your target geographies.

Video SEO 

Search engines like Google don’t just show “organic link” type results. It also provides various results, such as videos via the YouTube platform. The latter is also the second most used search engine in the world after Google.

Video reference allows you to see the results for a video type directly on the results page. This is an additional way to be present in search engines. Another option that should not be overlooked and is almost necessary for certain requirements.

Google news SEO 

Some online players offer many articles categorized into different categories. It is, e.g., the case of online journalism. Their survival depends only on systems that provide results of the type “news” on the Google search engine, which Google News represents.

By referring to Google News, you can, on the one hand, gain a presence on Google News and gain valuable exposure to improve that presence. Being on Google News guarantees a massive increase in website traffic. Unfortunately, access is not easy.

 Images SEO

Finally, the engine also provides image results within this engine. Therefore, optimizing the images on your content pages is very important. Image traffic can show very interesting proportions in certain areas of activity.

Image search begins with image selection. Some technical criteria also help improve your visibility in Google Images. The quality of the content surrounding the images will also be crucial. Finally, the page on which the image is placed must receive an objective and authoritative link to Google.

Don’t overlook these additional sources of traffic to your website. There is more to life than just organic SEO. There is also search engine optimization.

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